ActiveState Announces Komodo IDE

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – January 23, 2007 – ActiveState Software Inc., the leading provider of development tools and services for dynamic languages, today announced the release of Komodo IDE 4.0, a major upgrade to their award-winning development environment. With this release, developers can now create entire web applications—server, browser, and the HTTP conversation that connects them—within a single unified workspace.

Komodo IDE enables developers to write, debug, share and organize quality code in a customizable programming environment. With 4.0, Komodo's support for dynamic languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl, is extended to browser-side languages including JavaScript, CSS, HTML and XML.

New features, including JavaScript debugging, DOM viewer, HTTP Inspector and code intelligence, provide deep support for Ajax techniques, making Komodo IDE essential for developers using dynamic languages and modern web development practices. Support is also extended to framework stacks like Ruby on Rails and CakePHP, and client libraries such as the Yahoo! UI Library and Dojo, allowing users to remain in the Komodo workspace for the entire development process.

Thousands of users were involved in the beta program, eager to provide feedback on a product many consider indispensable: "We use Komodo IDE to build our internal systems," says Jonathan Eunice, Founder and Principal IT Advisor, Illuminata. "It has saved us an amazing amount of time and effort."

Komodo IDE 4.0 also allows users to easily extend its architecture, with support for adding advanced capabilities through Firefox-style .xpi extensions.

Says Matt Herdon, Product Manager, Komodo, "Above all else, this release is for the community. We are absolutely committed to giving them a world-class IDE designed specifically for their languages—one they can invest in for the long term, with extensions, code and shared know-how.

"Over a year of development and quality assurance effort went into 4.0, not to mention excellent pre-release feedback from users. The web development support has been very much driven by their needs. People want an easy way to build web apps with dynamic languages, and that's what Komodo IDE is all about."

ActiveState has recently launched the beta release of a community support site, which currently hosts Komodo user forums and FAQs and will be expanded soon to include resources for creating and sharing extensions. The site is available now at

Shane Caraveo, Komodo Tech Lead, welcomes the involvement. "Every developer has different needs; different ways of working. With this release, we focused on putting control in the hands of our users. Komodo's open architecture lets people add a lot of power with just a few lines of code, and we're very excited to see how the community takes advantage of that."

Also today, ActiveState announced the introduction of Komodo Edit, a free multi-language editor. Komodo Edit provides advanced editing capabilities for dynamic languages, including Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl, plus support for browser-side code including, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and XML. Komodo Edit, currently in beta, is available at

About Komodo IDE

ActiveState Komodo IDE 4.0 is available now. A standard license for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows is $245 through February 28, 2007, and $295 thereafter. Discounted upgrade pricing is also available through February 28, 2007. For more information, purchases and free trials, go to

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