ActiveState continues Brain Gain

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – February 26, 2001 – ActiveState, the leader in open source programming languages, is assembling a substantive team of leading developers and senior management from around the world. Top senior management now includes: Kevin Mallory, VP Engineering, and John Jensen, VP E-commerce, both from the Silicon Valley. On the development side, leading new staff consists of: Jeff Hobbs, Senior Tcl Developer also from the Silicon Valley; Paul Prescod, Senior XML Developer from Dallas; and Shane Caraveo, Senior PHP Developer from Miami.

"ActiveState has gathered some of the best and the brightest in the software industry," said George Hunter, Chair, BC Technology Industry Association. "We're delighted to see the success of a local high tech company in attracting top talent to Vancouver."

Senior management who've moved to Vancouver to join ActiveState include John Jensen, VP E-commerce, who previously was the Research Director at Internet Profiles Corporation based in San Francisco. As well as, Kevin Mallory, former VP Engineering for two Silicon Valley startups, Aviatis and Velogic. Kevin also has experience at Texas Instruments, Digital Equipment Corporation, and Oracle.

"I'm excited to be working in such a stimulating, healthy environment," said Kevin Mallory, VP Engineering. "It's fun to be collaborating on cutting edge technology with such a smart and creative group of people. Plus Vancouver is a great change from the Valley, I can see why we're able to draw so many people here."

Rounding out ActiveState's recent management hires are:

  • Warren Chow, Director of Project Management, from Blast Radius;
  • Tom Merenyi, Director of Enterprise Sales from Rational Software;
  • Diane Mueller, Director of Productivity Solutions, from ACL Services;
  • Claudia Ng, Director of Development, from Blast Radius; and
  • Deb Wheeler-Brown, Director of Product Marketing, from Attachmate.

Top Tcl, Perl, PHP, Python, and XML developers who have joined ActiveState include:

  • Shane Caraveo, Senior PHP Developer from Santronics Software;
  • Jeff Hobbs, a leading Tcl developer, formerly with Scriptics, where he was the liaison with the Tcl community; and
  • Paul Prescod, a world-renowned XML and Python developer and author of the XML Handbook, who was previously a consulting engineer at ISOGEN.

Other additions to ActiveState's development team, contributing to the local tech "brain gain" are:

  • Lena Gubarev from the Ukraine;
  • Brian King from Dublin;
  • Andreas Kupries from Germany;
  • Brian Ingerson and Darren Stalder from Seattle;
  • Ian Maclean from Australia; and
  • Monte Mitzelfelt from New Mexico.

"We're keen on leveraging the Silicon Valley experience of our new executives," said Dick Hardt, ActiveState CEO & Founder. "We've also put together a dream team of experts in Perl, Python, PHP, XSLT, and Tcl. This allows us to execute on our plan of supporting the most popular Internet programming languages and solidify our leadership in open source programming languages."

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