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Stephen Baker, Chief Executive Officer & President

Favorite part of my job: Solutioning with our customers.
I got hooked on tech: Because of the endless possibilities for disrupting industries and transforming our lives.
I love to also: Spend time with my daughters and amazing wife, suffer through grueling workouts, and test my culinary creation skills.
Leaders who inspire me: Abraham Lincoln, FDRE, Angela Merkel, Steve Jobs.
Fictional Alter Ego: Paul Atreides.
Superpower: Seeing around corners.

Stephen has over 25 years of experience in the tech industry, working in Generative AI, Machine Learning, Enterprise Search, and Speech Recognition. He has held leadership roles ranging from GM to CEO at early stage companies including Fast Search & Transfer, RAMP, and Attivio. 

Most recently, Stephen led the worldwide Generative AI and Machine Learning go-to-market organization for AWS. Stephen thrives in fast paced environments and has a passion for building winning teams and differentiated cultures. He holds a BS from Hofstra University and an MBA from the Wharton School.

Scott Robertson, Chief Technology Officer

Favorite part of my job: Making things people love to use & making it possible for others to be creative as well.
I got hooked on tech: When I took an Atari apart when I was 4. Still haven’t been able to put it back together again.
I love to also: Cut dovetails, the old timey woodworking way.
Leaders who inspire me: Steve Jobs
Fictional Alter Ego: Pinky and the Brain
Superpower: The ability to misplace anything and find it again when it’s least needed.

Scott is passionate about creating products that solve real problems. He drives ActiveState’s technology vision and has spent over 20 years knees deep in code. His background includes everything from lead dev to CEO to CTO. He’s authored a book, founded 3 startups and sold one of them. Most recently he normalized Fortune 500 BI data and ETL to scale. He understands the pains faced in pushing software into production and the challenges big business has to stay fast and relevant. He helps companies do both.

Jacqueline Winter, Chief Financial Officer

Favorite part of my job: Developing and implementing new concepts for overcoming obstacles, complexities and achieving scalable growth.
I got hooked on tech: It’s as close to magic as you can get! I love the innovation, fast pace, and of course, the people.
I love to also: Spend time with family and friends, volunteer as a hospice and palliative caregiver, resistance train, and travel
Leaders who inspire me: Queen Victoria, Mary Barra, and Melinda Gates
Fictional Alter Ego: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Superpower: Seeing things others cannot

A senior financial and business operations leader dedicated to making the impossible possible, Jacqueline brings over 20 years of experience across a variety of industries. As a highly creative, conceptual thinker, Jacqueline brings a unique blend of vision, critical thinking and technical expertise to problem solving, increasing profitability and maximizing return on investments.

She has spent the majority of her career working with companies to build financial and operational infrastructure to create strong foundations for sustainable growth.

In all roles, what Jacqueline values most is building teams and mentoring others to support them in realizing their full potential.

Steve Ruggieri, Chief Revenue Officer

Favorite part of my job: Building, coaching, and mentoring world class sales organizations.
I got hooked on tech: Because it has the ability to meaningfully impact the world, people, and organizations in positive ways.
I love to also: Spend time with my amazing family and friends, travel, and any sports related activity – specifically football, baseball, and golf.
Leaders who inspire me: My father, Joe Gibbs, Lou Holtz.
Fictional Alter Ego: Kevin James
Superpower: See into the future.

Steve has 15 years of sales experience ranging from Business Development to Sales Leadership. He is a hands-on sales leader with a proven history of success. Expertise in building and leading top-performing teams through product market fit. Excels in a fast-paced environment working with all areas of an organization to develop and drive strategic direction.

Steve has lead the sales efforts at TIBCO Software, RapidMiner, Inc. (acquired by Altair), and Spire Global.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Salve Regina University, Newport RI.

Allyson Barr, Chief Marketing Officer

Favorite part of my job: Making ideas become reality.
I got hooked on tech: When I got an iPhone in 2008.
I love to also: Try new recipes, volunteer at the animal shelter, explore new cities, run (ask me about my next race!)
Leaders who inspire me: Queen Elizabeth I, Barack & Michelle Obama, and Taylor Swift.
Fictional Alter Ego: Jo March.
Superpower: Remaining calm under pressure

Allyson is passionate about the commercial operations of startup companies. She brings more than 20 years’ experience in marketing, product management, sales development, and revenue operations at startups to her role in ActiveState. She has developed and rebooted B2B marketing practices at companies such as Attivio (acquired by ServiceNow), Boxever (acquired by Sitecore), and LogMeIn (now GoTo). She most recently led the team responsible for the Annual Sales Planning program at Amazon Web Services.

Allyson holds a B.A. in English from Holy Cross and is a recent EMBA grad from University College Dublin.

Moris Chen, Vice President of Customer Success

Favorite part of my job: Uncovering the amazing things we can accomplish at the intersection of technology and people.
I got hooked on tech: When I took apart my first computer and had to put it back together.
I love to also: Spend quality time with my kids, swimming, hiking, traveling, and kitesurfing.
Leaders who inspire me: Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Yitzhak Rabin, and my Grandfather.
Fictional Alter Ego: Neo.
Superpower: Time manipulation.

Moris is passionate about technology and how it fuels innovative customer experience. With experience in software and services, he understands the importance of listening and analyzing challenges from different perspectives to find the best way to build value-driven organizations.

Over the past 10 years, Moris has successfully built and led numerous Professional Services and Customer Success teams in Finance, Marketing, Communication, and DevOps.

Moris is a collaborative leader who consistently seeks out opportunities to work closely with customers and develop innovative strategies to drive growth and success.

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