Meet the ActiveState Leadership Team

Portrait of Bart Copeland, ActiveState's CEO
Bart Copeland, ActiveState CEO

Bart Copeland, CEO & President

Favorite part of my job: Getting the right people in the right roles at ActiveState so they can excel and we can build and grow a great company
I got hooked on tech: Because of the amazing people, rapid change, endless opportunities.
I love to also: Spend time with my sons & amazing wife, stretch my physical limits through sports, mentor and invest in tech companies
Leaders who inspire me: My Father, Warren Buffet, Eric Schmidt, Jimmy Pattison, Morgan Sturdy
Fictional Alter Ego: Gandalf
Superpower: Seeing the Future

Bart has over 32 years in tech spanning roles from VP Corporate Strategy, GM to CEO. He’s had the privilege of leading ActiveState since 2006. Bart drives our strategic direction with three tenets: happy Activators, solutions ‘geeks’ love to use and making open source languages easy for the enterprise. He also helped define and lead the private PaaS market with the ActiveState product, Stackato. Bart subsequently negotiated the successful sale of the Stackato product to HPE in 2015.

Bart is the keeper of the ActiveState culture and the reason why culture is considered our best product. He holds an MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from UBC.

scott profile

Scott Robertson, CTO

Favorite part of my job: Making things people love to use & making it possible for others to be creative as well.
I got hooked on tech: When I took an Atari apart when I was 4. Still haven’t been able to put it back together again.
I love to also: Cut dovetails, the old timey woodworking way.
Leaders who inspire me: Steve Jobs
Fictional Alter Ego: Pinky and the Brain
Superpower: The ability to misplace anything and find it again when it’s least needed.

Scott is passionate about creating products that solve real problems. He drives ActiveState’s technology vision and has spent over 20 years knees deep in code. His background includes everything from lead dev to CEO to CTO. He’s authored a book, founded 3 startups and sold one of them. Most recently he normalized Fortune 500 BI data and ETL to scale. He understands the pains faced in pushing software into production and the challenges big business has to stay fast and relevant. He helps companies do both.

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Jacqueline Winter, CFO

Favorite part of my job: Developing and implementing new concepts for overcoming obstacles, complexities and achieving scalable growth.
I got hooked on tech: It’s as close to magic as you can get! I love the innovation, fast pace, and of course, the people.
I love to also: Spend time with family and friends, volunteer as a hospice and palliative caregiver, resistance train, and travel
Leaders who inspire me: Queen Victoria, Mary Barra, and Melinda Gates
Fictional Alter Ego: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Superpower: Seeing things others cannot

A senior financial and business operations leader dedicated to making the impossible possible, Jacqueline brings over 20 years of experience across a variety of industries. As a highly creative, conceptual thinker, Jacqueline brings a unique blend of vision, critical thinking and technical expertise to problem solving, increasing profitability and maximizing return on investments.

She has spent the majority of her career working with companies to build financial and operational infrastructure to create strong foundations for sustainable growth.

In all roles, what Jacqueline values most is building teams and mentoring others to support them in realizing their full potential.

Jeff Aboud Profile

Jeff Aboud, VP Marketing

Favorite part of my job: Helping customers embrace new technologies and processes to maximize their business models, without sacrificing security
I got hooked on tech: When I realized how much more efficiently I could accomplish things
I love to also: Spend time with family and friends, camp, hike, bicycle, and give back to my community as an EMT
Leaders who inspire me: Martin Luther King, Mohandas Gandhi, Malala Yousafzai
Fictional Alter Ego: Super Chicken
Superpower: Keeping a level head when everybody else is running away screaming (though ‘invisibility’ would be really cool!)

Jeff has more than 20 years of high-tech marketing experience, from Fortune 500 companies to early-stage startups. He has a broad base of marketing expertise, having led teams in product marketing, demand generation, and field marketing, as well as customer and sales enablement programs. With more than 15 years of experience in the security industry, Jeff has experience up and down the security stack – from client-side scanning and perimeter security solutions, to encryption technologies and risk-based vulnerability management.

Jeff is committed to helping DevSecOps teams quickly and efficiently develop and release new features, without taking unnecessary risks in production.

Loreli ExCo ActiveState

Loreli Cadapan, VP Product

Favorite part of my job: Collaborating across teams and turning ideas into products that people love to use and make their lives easier.
I got hooked on tech: When I won a computer programming contest back in high school – I developed a program that optimized nutrition for fruit juice blends.
I love to also: Spend time with family and friends, especially barbecuing, snowboarding, hiking and cycling.
Leaders who inspire me: My grandmother, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Bill Gates.
Fictional Alter Ego: Lisa Simpson
Superpower: Time traveling

Loreli is a Silicon Valley veteran, with 20+ years of experience in the enterprise software industry, successfully having worked at enterprise and startups – two of which went IPO. She has held different roles from coding, architecture, development management, to product management. Loreli is passionate about building products to power the world’s software development teams and accelerate their digital transformation.

Before joining ActiveState, she held product management and technology roles in DevOps (most recently at JFrog and Oracle), with a deep understanding of the software supply chain and continuous software delivery. Loreli holds a Bachelor and Master of Engineering degrees in Computer Science from MIT.