ActiveState Debunks Open Source Software Myths

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – July 17, 2008 – ActiveState released a white paper today that explores and debunks some common misconceptions about open source software and, in particular, dynamic languages like Perl, Tcl and Python. Entitled “10 Myths About Running Open Source Software in Your Business”, the white paper was written by open source experts at ActiveState, a leading provider of tools and business solutions for open source dynamic languages. The white paper is available for free download at

“We want businesses to understand that when they choose a reputable company to support their open source software plan they are getting better and more functional software and services,” said Bart Copeland, CEO, ActiveState. “Open source software practices are being embraced by a growing majority of smart businesses and we are proud to be a part of that growth.”

When it comes to open source software, there are often two camps: open source zealots who insist that Windows never works and Linux is king! and the naysayers who would sooner eat dirt than troubleshoot an Apache web server. In this paper ActiveState examines the myths associated with these arguments and provides solid reasoning for why open source software, combined with responsible checks and balances, will put your business development projects in good stead.

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