ActiveState Delivers Enhancements to Stackato Platform Expanding Docker Support for Enterprises

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 11, 2015 – (Cloud Foundry Summit Booth #109) – ActiveState today announced enhancements to Stackato®, the company’s leading Cloud Foundry and Docker based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), enabling the usage of existing Docker images while also delivering additional administrative features.

Enhancements to Stackato include:

  • Expanded integration with Docker, enabling developers to deploy existing Docker images to the Stackato platform.
  • Additional administrative Feature Flags as part of its upstream merge with Cloud Foundry, updated buildpack support, Ruby 2.1.5 and Docker 1.5.

Stackato will continue to provide multi-tenancy, security, application management and scaling capabilities to simplify and enhance developers’ usage of Docker.

The latest version of Stackato is now available for download.

Kai Virkki, Chief Architect, Service-Flow, a leading SaaS provider, said:

“We don’t want to manage servers and infrastructure. We just want to deploy our software, so it feels a little bit backwards to build these technology stacks around Docker, like selecting application servers and so forth, when Stackato already does it for you. ActiveState uses Docker within the Stackato product, so it felt like a good future-proof solution.”

Bart Copeland, President and CEO, ActiveState, said:

“Docker has the potential to become the standard for application execution environments, but it needs to be extended in order to become a true enterprise solution. Stackato’s latest enhancements address these limitations by giving enterprise users the ability to efficiently port, manage and scale Docker apps. In light of today’s competitive realities, as outlined in our industry vision, enterprises must utilize leading-edge technologies like private PaaS and containerized apps to remain agile, and Stackato makes this possible.”

Jeff Hobbs, CTO & VP, Engineering, ActiveState, said:

“Stackato’s latest enhancements make it easier for enterprises to adopt and manage Docker. Users can leverage our application platform to instill governance and standards on their use of containerized applications, whether building Docker apps within Stackato or deploying existing Docker images, and manage them on a large scale without having to set up and maintain various networking, security and orchestration tools.”

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