ActiveState Examines Top 10 Use Cases of Python in New Report

20-Year History of Building Python Yields Insight into How Organizations Are Using the Language Today

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – April 9, 2019 – Today ActiveState announced the release of a report examining the top 10 use cases of the open source language Python. ActiveState has been building Python since 1999 and has seen customers’ use of Python grow from a scripting solution for sysadmins to web development for programmers to the driving force behind machine learning.

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Use cases have grown, along with usage and adoption, as Python has evolved over the past two decades. The top 10 most common uses by industry include:

  • Insurance: Creating business insights with machine learning
  • Retail Banking: Flexible data transformation and manipulation
  • Aerospace: Meeting software system deadlines
  • Finance: Data mining to identify cross-sell opportunities
  • Business Services: API access to financial information
  • Hardware: Automating network administration
  • Healthcare: Predicting disease prognosis
  • Consulting Services: Bespoke web development
  • InfoTech: IT modernization
  • Software: Adding extensibility to legacy applications

To learn more about each of these use cases,

The report is part of ActiveState’s undertaking to better understand the needs and pain points of industry related to open source languages. ActiveState aims to decrease the costs and risks of managing open source languages and enable enterprises to maximize their related benefits.

Bart Copeland, CEO, ActiveState, said: “Since our founding, we have been helping developers and enterprises eliminate costs and risks of working with open source languages. To date, millions of enterprise developers worldwide have downloaded and deployed our commercial offering of Python, ActivePython. Our goal is to help millions more. The insights reflected in this report are foundational pillars for our vision for Open Source Language Automation. Our ActiveState Platform to automatically build, certify and resolve open source languages is the linchpin to our vision.”

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