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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – July 19, 2001 – In San Diego and interested in the new, new thing? ActiveState is releasing a new beta for Perl on the Microsoft .NET Framework. PerlNET gives Perl code full access to all aspects of .NET objects and allows implementation of .NET components in Perl. Visit our booth #215 to find out more and see it for yourself. Or come to our talk Perl on the Microsoft .NET Framework. ActiveState's new tools also enable programmers to rapidly create, test, consume and deploy Web services. See the new demos of using open source languages for Web services with PerlEx, the Komodo IDE, and our Visual Studio.NET plug-ins Visual Perl, Visual Python and Visual XSLT in action. Learn more at one of our 21 technical talks and BoFs, which cover the gamut of The Adventures of a Snake in the Land of the Camels to Integrating Open Source on Microsoft Platforms: Threat or Opportunity? Look forward to seeing you there!

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