ActiveState releases Perl Dev Kit 2.0 for Perl 5.6

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – September 14, 2000 – ActiveState, a leading supplier of products and services supporting open source infrastructure software, announced today the availability of a new version of the Perl Dev Kit. Perl Dev Kit (PDK 2.0) now allows remote debugging of Perl scripts running on Unix and Windows platforms as well as on a Web server. PDK's enhanced tools enable novice and experienced developers to develop, debug, and deploy code more quickly. PDK customers include: large telecom, financial, computer, ISP, aerospace and educational institutions.

"Our customers use PDK tools to develop and deploy software quickly and reliably", stated Dick Hardt, ActiveState Founder & CEO. "Programmers will find increased levels of productivity with PDK 2.0's compatibility with Perl 5.6 and Windows 2000, improved startup time and richer functionality."

PDK 2.0 Features:

  • Perl Debugger. Visually debug remote scripts running on Unix or Windows servers.
  • PerlApp. Turn Perl scripts into standalone executables.
  • PerlCtrl. Create standalone COM controls written in Perl.
  • PerlCOM. A COM object factory that works with Perl packages and objects. PerlCOM, in conjunction with DCOM, allows you to use Perl to easily build distributed applications.
  • PerlSvc. Turns your scripts into self-contained Windows services.
  • VPM. Visual Package Manager. Easily manage your Perl installation locally or remotely.

"After reviewing our customer feedback, we updated the PDK to provide debugging capability for remote UNIX and Windows servers right from your desktop," stated Jan Dubois, Senior Developer, and PDK Project Lead. "We have brought together a collection of tools that should be in every Perl developer's tool box."

"The ActiveState Perl Dev Kit has provided us with a complete, ready-to-go set of development tools, which saves a tremendous amount of programming effort", stated Toby Everett, Engineer, AT&T Alascom. "Specifically, we use PerlCOM to embed the functionality of Perl within Access and Visual Basic. We've licensed it on all our machines because it saves so much coding time."

Download a free trial license of Perl Dev Kit here. A single user license is $125. Existing customers can upgrade for $30. Educational, bulk and enterprise licenses are also available.

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