ActiveState Software Begins Building ActiveGo™ Beta, First of Four New Language Distributions for 2017

Vancouver, BC – December 6, 2016 – ActiveState, the open source languages company, has selected Go as the first of the four new language distributions they will build in 2017. The ActiveGo™ distribution will include free community versions for the open source community, plus pre-compiled, tested, professional distributions for enterprise users. Enterprise users will also benefit from commercial support, indemnification, additional operating system support, tools, popular packages, and more.

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According to the Gartner IT Market Clock for Programming Languages, 2016, “In 2016, Go has moved from “bleeding edge” to “leading edge” status and has one of the fastest-growing language communities in the industry.” 1 The report also notes, “The early “buzz” around Go strongly indicated that it may both have the backing and the momentum to emerge as a significant advance on which compelling next-generation applications (such as cloud-native ones) would be based.” 1

Go was heavily influenced by Python, and it is a natural extension for ActiveState to contribute to Go both in the community and the commercial space. Many experts hypothesize that Go could replace C++ in the future, which is a key indicator of the outsized role that Go could have to the future of open source, enterprises, and software development.

“At ActiveState, we know the challenges companies face and for 20 years we’ve been providing precompiled, supported, quality-assured, secure language distributions used by millions of developers around the world,” said Bart Copeland, ActiveState CEO. “With the introduction of ActiveGo, ActiveState will offer the same great service and support to Go developers that we’ve been providing to the Perl, Python, and Tcl communities for decades.”

ActiveState plans to release ActiveRuby™, ActiveNode™, ActiveGo™, and ActiveLua™ in 2017. All Editions of ActiveState’s language distributions give developers a consistent experience across all platforms–regardless of whether they are running Windows, Mac, or Linux (and for businesses, optionally AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris). It’s a smooth transition from Community to Business and Enterprise Editions when a company determines they would like the peace of mind of a commercial support contract, indemnification, further security and SLAs, or customizations. The same seamless user experience, for open source and enterprises, will be introduced for the upcoming ActiveGo language distributions.

ActiveState is anticipating the beta version of ActiveGo will be publicly available in the first quarter of 2017. “We’re excited to be diving in to build ActiveGo, given the feedback we’ve had from customers and Go community advocates so far. We will release the ActiveGo beta distribution in Q1 of next year, and expect a full release to be available shortly thereafter. We encourage those interested in using Go to sign up for the beta and provide us feedback to help shape the future of our distribution,” added Mr. Copeland.

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1 Gartner IT Market Clock for Programming Languages, 2016, September 2016

About ActiveState
ActiveState, the open source languages company, believes that enterprises gain a competitive advantage when they are able to quickly create, deploy and efficiently manage software solutions that immediately create business value, but they face many challenges that prevent them from doing so. The company is uniquely positioned to help address these challenges through our experience with enterprises, developers and open source technology. ActiveState is proven for the enterprise: more than 2 million developers and 97 percent of Fortune 1000 companies use ActiveState’s end-to-end solutions to develop, distribute, and manage their software applications written in Perl, Python, Ruby, Go, Node.js, Lua, Tcl and other dynamic languages. Global customers like Cisco, CA, HP, Bank of America, Siemens and Lockheed Martin trust ActiveState to save time, save money, minimize risk, ensure compliance and reduce time to market. To learn more visit,

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Jeff Rouse
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Jesse Casman for ActiveState

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