ActiveState Unveils PureMessage

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – November 25, 2002 – ActiveState Corp., the leader in flexible email gateway filtering systems, today released PureMessage 3.0 (formerly PerlMx), further strengthening the power of its trusted anti-spam, anti-virus, and policy compliance solution, greatly reducing IT administration surrounding unsolicited email and providing enhanced protection of end user inboxes.

PureMessage 3.0 empowers IT administrators with new features including a new intuitive web-based administration console, enhanced spam identification and management flexibility, optional end user quarantine management, next generation anti-spam heuristics, and the McAfee anti-virus engine. Ideal for mid-to-large sized enterprises, universities, and service providers, PureMessage analyzes email traffic at the network perimeter to identify spam and viruses before they congest resources and deliver their payload to individual inboxes. The gateway mode feature enables PureMessage to interoperate with any corporate email system, for deployment with any existing mail infrastructure.

Leveraging ActiveState's strength in open source technology, PureMessage provides the most advanced filtering solutions, with full extensibility in Perl, the best language for text processing. PureMessage is up to 98% effective in removing unsolicited messages, employing the latest in anti-spam heuristics, which are updated periodically to protect against the changing tactics of spammers. The new, web-based console enables administrators to easily establish their policies for handling viruses and spam messages as organizational preferences or policy dictates. While PureMessage provides a very broad range of policy actions, most organizations typically quarantine spam messages, enabling end users to review their quarantine contents or "mark" messages with spam indicators and deliver messages to intended recipients for further review or automated client filtering. PureMessage also supports the ability to archive, forward, delete, and other actions.

"Managing our email protection with PureMessage is now much easier. The new web console makes administration a cinch and the mail stats filter helps us provide reports to management on mail server usage without needing to install and configure another product," said Mike Stevens, Network Administrator, Macrovision. "We evaluated many email filtering solutions and decided against off-site mail filtering services since we didn’t want to introduce another possible point of failure. PureMessage met our anti-spam and anti-virus needs all in one product, on our own servers, thereby reducing complexity, as well as making our end users very happy."

PureMessage key new customer benefits:

  • web-based GUI eliminates the need for administrators to work with command line tools for administrative tasks
  • world class anti-virus protection from McAfee Security, which detects known and unknown viruses, worms, and malicious code
  • advanced anti-spam heuristics incorporating the latest developments in spam identification rules and techniques
  • quarantine management allows end users to receive periodic digests of their quarantined messages for review or retrieval
  • enhanced performance on the majority of supported operating systems

"PureMessage 3.0 provides a great leap forward for customers and prospects to more efficiently protect their systems from spam and viruses. Filtering spam often changes the nature of the spam problem from spam identification to spam management. PureMessage addresses the whole problem, empowering network administrators to easily and economically deploy and manage their email perimeter protection," said Chris Kraft, Director of Product Management, ActiveState.

To register for a webcast and/or to learn more, please visit PureMessage's flexible, server based pricing allows for unlimited user access, and removes the requirement to track and report users. The PureMessage 3.0 release is a free upgrade for current customers. For additional pricing and licensing information please contact 1.866.866.2802.

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