ActiveState’s Komodo IDE 5.2.1 Improves Support for Ruby and PHP

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – September 24, 2009 – ActiveState Software Inc., the dynamic languages company, released Komodo IDE 5.2.1 today.

The newest release of Komodo IDE comes with improved support for both PHP and Ruby. Ruby debugging now supports Ruby 1.9.1 and later. PHP integration now has full PHP 5.3 support–including autocomplete for the new namespace syntax, and PHP 5.3 debugging on Windows, Mac and Linux. In addition, Komodo’s PHP debug wizard helps you get setup to debug PHP quickly. For an overview of all the new features, visit

Drag a URL from your browser to Komodo 5.2.1 to View HTML Source with the full power of Komodo’s editor. Komodo already had excellent support for multi-language syntax coloring; with new support for configurable background colors for sub-languages (think JavaScript in an HTML file, HTML in a PHP file, CSS in a Django or Rails RHTML template), Komodo makes it faster to navigate and understand your code.

Like all Komodo IDE updates, this release is free to all Komodo IDE 5.x license holders and ActivePerl Pro Studio and ActiveTcl Pro Studio subscribers. You can pick up the latest release of Komodo IDE 5.2.1 now, or take it for a free 21-day trial run from

$ 50 off – Special Promo on Now

Komodo IDE 5.2.1 is on sale through October 31, 2009, for $245 US–regularly priced at $295 US. For Komodo IDE 4.x users, upgrades are available for $95 US–regularly $145 US.

Or…Save Even More

Part of a developer team? Komodo IDE’s flexibility and extensive functionality makes it great for diverse developer teams: ActiveState offers 5-packs of Komodo IDE for $1180 (like buying four and getting a fifth free)–but is offering 5-packs at a reduced rate of $995 through October 31, 2009.

About Komodo IDE

ActiveState’s Komodo IDE helps developers create great applications using dynamic languages and open technologies. Award-winning tools for debugging, code intelligence, visual code navigation and the regular expression toolkit help developers write cleaner code faster, while source code control integration, a project manager and multi-user support assist in team development. With improved performance for all supported languages (including Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML), simple Firefox-style extensibility, and flexible multi-platform licensing for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, Komodo IDE has developed smart tools with developer freedom and choice in mind.

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