What’s New in Komodo IDE

New in Komodo IDE

Komodo ActiveState Platform Integration

ActiveState Platform Integration
Komodo 12 is now integrated with the ActiveState Platform. The Platform automatically builds runtime environments – just choose your packages and it resolves all dependencies for you. Also included is the State Tool CLI, which lets you reclaim coding time by automating one-off tasks.

codeintel KomodIDE

Revamped Code Intelligence
Autocomplete is more robust and triggers from any position. The symbol browser focuses on simplicity, and you can quickly filter symbols using the new symbol list – all with overall faster performance.

printdebug KomodIde

Print Debugging
Is running the full debugger is a bit much, but toggling between print statements gets tiresome? Now you can quickly toggle print statements as well as easily create them, simply by clicking the editor margin.

devdocs komodoIDE

DevDocs.io Integration
Highlight any word or code snippet and trigger the relevant language docs in DevDocs.io from inside Komodo, making the process of looking up documentation much simpler. It even works when you’re offline.

hello world komodo IDE

Live Previewing
No need to switch back and forth between your browser and editor. Now you can edit your HTML and markdown and test it all without leaving your IDE. Your preview will automatically reload whenever you edit the file – saving not required.

activestate foldertemplate what's new

Project/Folder/File Templates
Automate your workflow with provided templates for Python, Go, PHP and HTML, or create your own. You can even link to remote zip files on GitHub to hook projects into Komodo.

activestate projectwizard what's new

Project Wizard
Project creation is now easier with the Project Wizard. Bootstrap a new project with the template of your choice, specify settings as needed and start developing right away.

activestate dependencies what's new

Dependency Detector
Komodo automatically scans and detects third-party dependencies, giving you immediate insight on what works, and letting you further adjust as needed. Maintain control while minimizing configuration time.

activestate universalpm what's new

Universal Package Manager
Access your package manager with one button and run commands directly within the editor, with support for Python (pip), PHP (Composer), Perl (PPM), Ruby (Gem) and Node.js (npm and Yarn).

activestate what's new clipboard

Clipboard Manager
Press shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + V (default keybindings) to bring up your last 10 clipboard entries. Convenient!

activestate formatting what's new

Auto-format a file on save, or access formatting options with a new sidebar button. Great for Go coding in particular.

activestate web content frameworks

Added Tooling for PHP
We’ve added more tools for Drupal, Laravel and WordPress, including snippets, tutorials and userscripts. With expanded toolboxes, it’s even easier to get set up and configured, especially for remote debugging.

And much more!

  • Asynchronous remote files – work with remote files way faster
  • JSHint 2.9.5 linting for enhanced JavaScript (ES6) support
  • SDK availability
  • Project template for Komodo add-ons
  • User interface enhancements
  • Refreshed, comprehensive documentation
  • And more (see the changelog)

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