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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – February 4, 2001 – Are you a C programmer who wants to know more about Perl? Join ActiveState's Brian Ingerson at the University of British Columbia for a discussion on Perl essentials.

"Perl for C Programmers"

Speaker: Brian "Ingy" Ingerson, Developer, ActiveState
When: Feb. 8, 2001 @ 1:30-2:20 pm
Where: University of British Columbia, UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering, MCLD 228, Vancouver
Cost: Free

In recent years, scripting languages such as Perl have become an essential component of a software developer's tool kit. Because Perl is an interpreted language with many high level features, it facilitates rapid prototyping, permits complex system administration tasks to be performed with ease, and is highly portable across systems and platforms. Since it is the language in which most CGI programs are written, it has also become the premier scripting language of the Web. Accordingly, Perl programming skills are in high demand by employers. Perl is not too difficult to pick up because it incorporates many familiar features found in C, shell, sed, and awk. However, it always helps to be exposed to the highlights before one attempts to master the details. In this presentation, Brian will introduce the essential features of Perl to those who are already familiar with a traditional programming language like C.

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