Camel Crossings: Perl & the Microsoft .NET Framework

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – February 12, 2002 – Want to learn hands on about Perl and .NET? Hear straight from the *camel's mouth*.

Come to our next Lecture Series, and discover what the experts at ActiveState and Microsoft have to say.

When: Wed. Feb. 20, 2002 from 6:30-7:30 pm
Where: ActiveState Headquarters
Cost: Free, no registration required
Panelists: Brad Merrill, Compiler Technology Engineer, Microsoft; Eric Promislow, Tech Lead Visual Perl, ActiveState; Jan Dubois, Tech Lead PerlNET, ActiveState.

Microsoft's Brad Merrill will start with an overview of the .NET framework, the assembler, and MSIL. ActiveState's Jan Dubois will explain how PerlNET integrates Perl with the .NET Runtime. He'll show how to use .NET objects from Perl and how to create new .NET components written in Perl. ActiveState's Eric Promislow will demonstrate using Visual Perl to build a Windows application consisting of both a C# and a Perl component. He'll provide examples of how Visual Perl helps both in building the complete application and also in its debugging, single-stepping from C# into Perl code. Look forward to seeing you there or at one of our other events!

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