Expect for Windows 1.0

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – April 6, 2004 – ActiveState, a leading provider of professional tools for programmers, today announced Expect for Windows 1.0, releasing the real power of Expect to the Windows platform. ActiveState Expect for Windows is up-to-date, quality assured, and easily deployable. The solution provides familiar tools for cross-platform system administration and test automation, enabling developers to increase productivity and performance.

Expect is an automation tool based on Tcl, a multi-purpose scripting language used by over half a million programmers. It automates access to interactive applications and streamlines system administration and testing tasks.

With Expect for Windows 1.0, users can control applications running on mainframe or Unix servers from Windows workstations. Expect for Windows 1.0 is the only up-to-date version of Expect that works natively with the Microsoft Windows console. It is consistent with the latest Expect version (5.40) and compatible with the Tcl 8.4 core.

"ActiveState's Expect for Windows 1.0 has enabled me to reduce the time, complexity and costs associated with developing and distributing the utility programs I develop for our air traffic control systems," said Keith Wetherill, National Field Support Lead, FAA Second Level Engineering Systems Support Group. "It has been indispensable in delivering easy-to-use standardized applications to our users."

Key features of Expect for Windows 1.0:

  • Up-to-date – Supports the latest versions of Expect and Tcl core language.
  • Ready-to-use – Includes integrated help and samples. The solution is vendor-supported and quality-assured.
  • Deployable – Works in conjunction with the Tcl Dev Kit, included in ActiveState's ASPN Tcl programming bundle. Combined with the powerful features of the development kit, Expect for Windows equips programmers to rapidly develop and deliver professional-quality Tcl applications on a range of platforms.

"We have delivered on customer demand for an up-to-date Expect on the Windows platform," said Matt Herdon, director of product management, ActiveState. "Expect for Windows 1.0 builds on our Tcl product offering and further establishes ActiveState as a leader in professional programmer tools."

Until April 30, 2004, you can enjoy the power of Expect on the Windows platform for up to $50 off the regular price. Commercial licenses for Expect for Windows are just $265, a savings of $30. The launch special also extends to ActiveState's ASPN Tcl, priced at $445, a savings of $50. ASPN Tcl features a complete Tcl programming bundle including Expect for Windows, Komodo Pro, Tcl Dev Kit, and Safari Bookshelf. 

Other ActiveState Tcl initiatives include hosting of the primary Tcl community website, and ActiveTcl, the free, quality-assured distribution of Tcl. ActiveState also provides comprehensive support for Tcl applications and internals through the TclDirect support package.

Update as of 2010:

Tcl Expect for Windows is no longer available as a separate executable, as ActiveState discontinued engineering and technical support for Expect for Windows in 2006. However, Expect is now distributed in the Teapot mechanism provided with our ActiveTcl distribution.

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