First ActiveTcl distribution now available

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – April 9, 2001 – ActiveTcl, ActiveState's free binary distribution of Tcl for Linux and Windows is now available.

The first release of ActiveTcl includes the latest stable Tcl core and the Tk user interface toolkit extension. Based on Tcl 8.3.3, ActiveTcl 8.3.3 build 8330 includes all the features and bug fixes available in Tcl 8.3. Future releases will include additional commonly used external modules. Tcl is a user-friendly open source programming language widely used in the enterprise environment.

As part of ActiveState's support for Tcl, ActiveState provides ActiveTcl binary packages free to the community through ASPN Open. ActiveState is also hosting the Tcl community website, the Tcl Developer Xchange.

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