Komodo IDE 5.0 Release Enhances Feature Set for Development Teams

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – November 4, 2008 – ActiveState Software, the dynamic languages company, released Komodo IDE 5.0 today. Komodo IDE 5.0 enhances the award-winning integrated development environment with new and improved features for developers working in small teams.

With multi-language editing and debugging, code sharing and productivity tools, easy customization and extensibility, friendly multi-platform and user-based permanent licensing, an open source foundation (with Komodo Edit and the The Open Komodo Project, and highly-praised support and active user community, Komodo IDE is designed for small and diverse developer teams.

The new release builds on Komodo IDE's team strengths with new support for the Git, Mercurial (hg), and Bazaar distributed version control systems (in addition to the already supported Subversion, Perforce, and CVS). And smart cross-SCC system checkout wizardry makes it easier to get to work on shared repositories.

Sharing code across a team is also better with Komodo IDE 5.0's improved code formatting. Consistent formatting makes reading and maintaining code easier, so Komodo IDE makes it simple with built-in code formatting tools and the ability to easily hook in external code formatting tools (like PHP Beautifier, Perltidy, and astyle).

The Komodo IDE 5.0 beta release had developers a-twitter, prompting tweets including "Komodo IDE 5 is looking pretty schweeeeet," "Je teste Komodo 5 qui est vraiment un très bon IDE pour le web," and "For people that haven't been following the 5.0 development of Komodo IDE: bunch of goodies!!!"

Komodo IDE 5.0 is now built on the Mozilla 1.9 codebase (the same codebase as Firefox 3) and Python 2.6, so it's speedier, prettier (particularly the more native look on OS X), and has new features to aid in stability.

The Komodo IDE dev team added top-requested features like multiple top-level windows and cleaner user interfaces for tabs and sidebars too. To see the complete release notes, visit https://docs.activestate.com/komodo/5.0/.

Komodo IDE 5.0 Team Pricing

Komodo IDE's flexibility and wide range of functionalities makes it great for diverse dev teams: now the pricing is great for teams too. For a limited time, ActiveState is offering 5-packs of Komodo IDE for $995, a savings of nearly $500 off the regular price ($1475). A 5-pack dev of Komodo IDE is like getting 2 free licenses for your team. Purchase Komodo IDE 5.0 5-packs from https://www.activestate.com//komodo-ide.

For Perl and Tcl dev teams, ActiveState is offering their best-ever price on ActivePerl Pro Studio and ActiveTcl Pro Studio 5-packs. ActivePerl Pro Studio and ActiveTcl Pro Studio are subscription-based value bundles that include permanent licenses for Komodo IDE and Perl Dev Kit or Tcl Dev Kit plus all upgrades for one year, as well as access to Safari Books Online. The 5-pack of ActivePerl Pro Studio or ActiveTcl Pro Studio bundles is $1995 (regularly $2475).

Special team pricing is only available until December 23, 2008.

Komodo Edit 5.0 Release

Multiple top-level windows, slicker UIs, and the faster codebase are all a part of Komodo Edit 5.0, also released today. Komodo Edit is the free and open source editor based on the award-winning Komodo IDE. Komodo Edit offers all the dynamic language expertise of Komodo IDE — Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl, plus JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and XML, and template languages like RHTML, Template-Toolkit, HTML-Smarty and Django — and everything you'd expect from an editor, like autocomplete and calltips, multi-language file support, syntax coloring and syntax checking, Vi emulation, Emacs key bindings, and more.

Komodo IDE Availability

The latest release of Komodo IDE 5.0 is available for download now from https://www.activestate.com//komodo-ide/downloads. New users can take Komodo IDE 5.0 for a test drive with a free 21-day trial.

Komodo IDE 5.0 release specials include Komodo IDE single licenses for $245 (regularly $295) and upgrades from Komodo IDE 4.x for $95 (regularly $145) until December 23, 2008. Komodo IDE is available for purchase from https://www.activestate.com//komodo-ide.

Komodo IDE 5.0 is also available as a part of the ActivePerl Pro Studio and ActiveTcl Pro Studio bundles. Komodo IDE 5.0 is a free upgrade for Pro Studio bundle subscribers.

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