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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – March 15, 2001 – Heard about Tcl and want to know more? Tcl (Tool Command Language, pronounced "tickle"), is a high level programming language that is cross-platform, open source, easy to use, embeddable and extensible. See why enterprises such as Cisco and AOL love its simplicity, flexibility, and its power. Jeff Hobbs, prominent Tcl developer, will give you an overview.

Introduction to Tcl
Speaker: Jeff Hobbs, Senior Developer, ActiveState
Date: March 21, 2001 @ 6:30-7:30 pm
Where: ActiveState HQ
Cost: Free

Tcl is a popular scripting language for a wide variety of integration application needs, whether you need to build a powerful GUI, embed scripting capabilities in your application, create a multi-threaded application, or develop a cross-platform program. This talk will be in two parts, starting off with a discussion of Tcl as it is used in the commercial world today and touching on some base differences between other popular scripting languages. It will continue with a short survey of Tcl programming, both at the scripting level and at the C level. Can't make it? Come to another of our events.

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