Perl Dev Kit 7.0 Beta 1 now available

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – November 27, 2006 – We're excited to announce the release of Perl Dev Kit 7.0 Beta 1. Check out new and improved features for easily testing, creating and deploying Perl applications.

Download Perl Dev Kit 7.0 Beta 1 now.

Note that this build is of beta quality and hence not recommended for full daily use.

New in Perl Dev Kit 7.0 Beta 1

Coverage and Hotspot Analyzer: Analyze code coverage and hotspots in Perl programs and test suites. Test different versions or revisions of a program and compare them visually, or compare different test runs on the same code.

Mac OS X Support: PerlApp, Filter Builder and the new Coverage and Hotspot Analyzer are now available for Mac OS X.

64-Bit Support: 64-bit command line versions of PerlApp are available for Linux (x64), Solaris (Sparc) and Windows (x64). 64-bit command line versions of PerlCtrl, PerlSvc and PerlTray are also included in the Windows builds.

Improved 32-Bit Support: The GUI interface to PerlApp, Filter Builder, and the Coverage and Hotspot Analyzer are available for Solaris 10 on Intel (x86) and AIX 5.x. The command line version of PerlApp is available for HP-UX on Itanium.

Visual Package Manager (VPM): VPM has been superseded by the native PPM4 GUI included in ActivePerl 819 and later.

Known Issues

Installation of the Perl Dev Kit fails if attempted on a network mapped drive.

The installer does not prevent you from installing on top of another PDK installation. Installing into a new directory is strongly recommended.

The .NET Framework needs to be installed before the PDK. Otherwise PerlNET will not be installed.


Perl Dev Kit 7.0 Beta 1 has a built-in license that will expire in six weeks. We'll have a new build for you to play with before then.

This beta release can be installed side-by-side with a PDK 6 release version as long as it's installed in a separate directory. The installer does this by default.

Download PDK 7.0 Beta 1 now.

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