Use, Create and Extend .NET Components with Perl

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – July 24, 2001 – ActiveState announces new Perl support of the Microsoft .NET Framework with the PerlNET component builder. PerlNET gives Perl code full access to all aspects of .NET objects: overloaded constructors and methods, fields, properties, indexers, events and enumeration constants. It also allows implementation of .NET components in Perl. These Perl components for .NET may inherit from base classes written in other .NET languages, and may in turn themselves be further subclassed. PerlNET uses Perl 5.6.1 and supports extension modules containing XS code.

PerlNET Features:

  • works on Visual Studio .NET beta 2
  • create .NET applications using .NET components
  • wrap existing Perl modules into .NET components
  • create new .NET components written in Perl
  • extend existing .NET components with Perl

PerlNET will be a part of ActiveState’s Perl Dev Kit. The PerlNet beta can be downloaded here.

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