How To Install And Manage Perl 5.32 With The State Tool

how to install and manage perl 532

How To Install And Manage Perl 5.32 With The State Tool

In this video, we show you how to use our package manager, the State Tool to install and manage Perl 5.32. By taking advantage of the new ecosystem we’ve created for Perl 5.32, a single command line is all that is needed to install Perl.


After installing our State Tool, not only will you be able to add dependencies from a CPANfile or a META.json file, you can also import dependencies directly from our library by  using the state search  function. Our library contains 90% of CPAN and is updated every 48 hours.


That’s it! In a few command lines, we now have Perl 5.32 installed in a virtual environment, ready for work.


Give it a try! Install the State Tool on Windows, Linux or macOS today. Here are some introductory guidelines to get you started on the right foot. ActiveState’s release of Perl 5.32  doesn’t require an account and is free to use for developers!
Follow along our demo video step by step and install a Perl environment in minutes! Get more information about ActiveState’s new perl ecosystem here.

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