Identify Container Vulnerabilities

ActiveState Platform Demo: Identify Container Vulnerabilities

Watch a 2-minute demo that shows how you can monitor the security and compliance of your Python code running in a Docker container.

ActiveState SaaS Platform Demo: Security & Compliance Overview

ActiveState Platform Demo: Security & Compliance Overview

Watch a 2-minute demo that may change your mind about how you currently secure your Python scripts, services and applications. Watch the short demo.

Monitor Risk in your Open Source Code

ActiveState Platform Demo: Monitor Risk in your Open Source Code

Watch a 2-minute demo that shows how you can identify the risk level of a Python application, as well as understand the length of time the application has been at risk of being compromised.

Jupyter for Notebooks

ActiveState Platform Demo: Jupyter for Notebooks

Monitor and track the security and compliance of code generated in Jupyter Notebooks. Identify vulnerabilities, outdated code, poorly licensed libraries and more. Watch the short demo.

Managing Python Dependencies

Managing Python Dependencies

We overview common methods of working with complex dependency trees in Python in this excerpt from our webinar: Managing Dependencies & Runtime Security.

Python Bill of Materials

ActiveState Platform Demo: Python Bill of Materials

By instrumenting your Python application, any stakeholder in your development process can log into the ActiveState platform to gain a “Bill of Materials” view of all the packages in your Python applications.

Python Runtime Security

ActiveState Platform Demo: Python Runtime Security

Get a short demo of our agentless python runtime security solution that allows you to ensure security at runtime, minimize attack surface, profile risk and more. Watch demo.

Virtualenv vs Pipenv: Demo

ActiveState Platform Demo: Virtualenv vs Pipenv

This year, the Python community has welcomed pipenv as an improved way to create virtual environments, especially when it comes to dependency management. Watch the demo.

activestate demo security compliance video thumbnail

ActiveState Platform Demo – Security & Compliance

Watch how a 360 degree live view of your Python application can help you understand your application risk landscape.