go faster

Go Faster and Keep Control of Open Source Language Runtimes

Build, secure and audit your open source language runtimes with the new ActiveState SaaS Platform. Learn more and contribute to a game-changing project.

push algos

ActiveState Python: Push Algorithms to Dev Hassle-Free

When data scientists play in their own sandbox, what they throw over to developers can be hard to use. Make your dev and data scientists' jobs easier with a standardized version of Python.

thumbnail golang roundtable 360x180

Golang Roundtable: Building Predictability Into Your Pipeline

Join 3 superstars from the Go community - Sam Boyer from Stripe, Jess Frazelle from Microsoft, and Russ Cox from the Go team at Google - as they discuss build reproducibility, environment configuration and dependency management.

komodo x

Komodo – Overview of Komodo X

Komodo X is now available---everything a web and mobile developer needs. Includes chrome remote debugging, PhoneGap/Cordova integration, new javascript frameworks (AngularJS, EmberJS, ReactJS)...all wrapped up in a slick new UI.

chrome debugging

Komodo – Chrome Remote Debugging

Why am I writing my code in one place, and then switching to my browser to find that exact same code again in order to debug it? I already have all my code in one place, I shouldn't have to find it again elsewhere.

ui ux komo

Komodo – UI/UX & Customization

Komodo has a highly customizable user interface which allows you to customize not only the UI but also the user experience. In this screencast we walk through the Major UI elements of Komodo: The Side panes, the Toolbar, and the Editor.

debugigng ide

Komodo – Debugging (IDE Only)

Komodo supports debugging (IDE ONLY) for all of its major dynamic languages which includes Python, PHP, Go, Perl, Tcl, Ruby, NodeJS and JavaScript. What we do have that other IDEs may not support is remote debugging.

code intel

Komodo – Code Intelligence

All of our main languages like, Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Javascript, NodeJS, Go, Tcl and HTML, among others have code intelligence support.

track changes

Komodo – Track Changes

Track changes is a perfect feature for quickly reverting the changes that you've made during your current editing session.