Python Runtime Security

ActiveState Platform Demo: Python Runtime Security

Get a short demo of our agentless python runtime security solution that allows you to ensure security at runtime, minimize attack surface, profile risk and more. Watch demo.

Virtualenv vs Pipenv: Demo

ActiveState Platform Demo: Virtualenv vs Pipenv

This year, the Python community has welcomed pipenv as an improved way to create virtual environments, especially when it comes to dependency management. Watch the demo.

ActiveState Platform Demo – Security & Compliance

Watch how a 360 degree live view of your Python application can help you understand your application risk landscape.

Announcing the ActiveState SaaS Platform for Open Source Languages

ActiveState is reinventing build engineering with an enterprise platform that lets developers build, certify and resolve any open source language for any platform and any environment.

ActiveState Platform: Security & Compliance

Today’s applications are more assembled from open source than coded from scratch. But new versions, vulnerabilities, and other issues are constantly cropping up. This 2-minute video takes a playful look at the issues and the solutions.

Go Faster and Keep Control of Open Source Language Runtimes

Build, secure and audit your open source language runtimes with the new ActiveState SaaS Platform. Learn more and contribute to a game-changing project.

ActiveState Python: Push Algorithms to Dev Hassle-Free

When data scientists play in their own sandbox, what they throw over to developers can be hard to use. Make your dev and data scientists' jobs easier with a standardized version of Python.

Golang Roundtable: Building Predictability Into Your Pipeline

Join 3 superstars from the Go community - Sam Boyer from Stripe, Jess Frazelle from Microsoft, and Russ Cox from the Go team at Google - as they discuss build reproducibility, environment configuration and dependency management.

Komodo – Overview of Komodo X

Komodo X is now available---everything a web and mobile developer needs. Includes chrome remote debugging, PhoneGap/Cordova integration, new javascript frameworks (AngularJS, EmberJS, ReactJS)...all wrapped up in a slick new UI.