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ActiveState Platform: Simplify Python Project Kickoff

ActiveState Platform: Simplify Python Project Kickoff

In this short video, learn how the ActiveState Platform automatically resolves Python dependencies and gets your build up and running in minutes.
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custom workspaces
Komodo – Custom Workspaces
An introduction to the new custom workspaces found in Komodo IDE 9.1.
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markdown viewer
Komodo – Markdown Viewer
A quick demo of what the Markdown viewer does.
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komodo track change
Komodo – Introducing Track Changes
Introducing Track Changes. Don't get stuck in the Undo-Dance. Use Track Changes to revert changes from any point in your changes history. Watch this video ...
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komodo go to anything
Komodo – Commando Go To Anything
A quick introduction into one of Komodo IDE 9's new features - Commando, or Go To Anything.
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auto abbrev komodo
Komodo – Auto Abbreviations (Snippets)
Auto-Abbreviations increase your productivity by working with you to write code faster. You define your snippets and their trigger and continue to write your code ...
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komodo vi mode
Komodo – Vi Mode
Vi mode in Komodo allows you to use some Vi magic right from inside Komodo. This screencasts explains the basics of this functionality and hopefully ...
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customizable panes komodo
Komodo – Customizable Panes
Panes, widgets and how you can customize them to your own personal preference. With Komodo 8 we spend a lot of time working on panes ...
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open file widgets
Komodo – Open File Widgets
Open Files are a great new feature in Komodo 8.5. They were already introduced in 8.0 but have received some significant updates since then. This ...
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komodo refactoring
Komodo – Code Refactoring
A great new feature we've added to Komodo 8.5 is code refactoring. You can rename elements without using a Find & Replace dialogue. For example, ...
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komodo projects bread crumbs
Komodo – Breadcrumbs
We've added a new widget to the Komodo statusbar called Breadcrumbs. Clicking on the file entry, you can access any of its parent items, which ...
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komodo projects
Komodo – Projects
A basic introduction to Komodo Projects. Note that this does not cover all aspects of Komodo Projects, it's only meant to introduce you to them.
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youtube thumbnail komodo multiple selections
Komodo – Multiple Selections
You can now define multiple selections. As you edit one of your selected locations, every other location you have selected will reflect your edits. You ...
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