quick bookmarks

Komodo – Quick Bookmarks

A feature that you may or may not be aware of in Komodo is the Quick Bookmarks tool. The Quick Bookmarks extend bookmarks to make them faster to use by allowing you to access specific bookmarks with a single keystroke.

komodo packages

Komodo – Packages

A quick intro to using the new Komodo Package installer from Commando.

shell scope

Komodo – Commando Shell Scope

An introduction to the shell scope in Komodo 9.1, allowing you to easily run shell commands from Commando.

package manager komodo

Komodo – Package Manager Integration

Easily manage your project dependencies right from Komodo, using nothing but your keyboard. Commando will allow you to search for available and installed packages, and even for package managers that generally make this task fairly cumbersome (i.e. NPM and CPANM).

custom workspaces

Komodo – Custom Workspaces

An introduction to the new custom workspaces found in Komodo IDE 9.1.

markdown viewer

Komodo – Markdown Viewer

A quick demo of what the Markdown viewer does.

komodo track change

Komodo – Introducing Track Changes

Introducing Track Changes. Don't get stuck in the Undo-Dance. Use Track Changes to revert changes from any point in your changes history. Watch this video and see how easy it is.

komodo go to anything

Komodo – Commando Go To Anything

A quick introduction into one of Komodo IDE 9's new features - Commando, or Go To Anything.

auto abbrev komodo

Komodo – Auto Abbreviations (Snippets)

Auto-Abbreviations increase your productivity by working with you to write code faster. You define your snippets and their trigger and continue to write your code without having to even think about invoking an abbreviation, it's all done for you so that you can stay in "the zone".