komodo vi mode

Komodo – Vi Mode

Vi mode in Komodo allows you to use some Vi magic right from inside Komodo. This screencasts explains the basics of this functionality and hopefully gives you a taste for more.

customizable panes komodo

Komodo – Customizable Panes

Panes, widgets and how you can customize them to your own personal preference. With Komodo 8 we spend a lot of time working on panes to give you the ability to mold them to your liking.

open file widgets

Komodo – Open File Widgets

Open Files are a great new feature in Komodo 8.5. They were already introduced in 8.0 but have received some significant updates since then. This video walks you through the basics and explains the main purpose of the widget.

komodo refactoring

Komodo – Code Refactoring

A great new feature we've added to Komodo 8.5 is code refactoring. You can rename elements without using a Find & Replace dialogue. For example, you can rename every instance of an element by right-clicking on one instance and selecting "rename variable".

komodo projects bread crumbs

Komodo – Breadcrumbs

We've added a new widget to the Komodo statusbar called Breadcrumbs. Clicking on the file entry, you can access any of its parent items, which gives access to the directory above each item. You can easily navigate this structure to open related files. As you change files, Breadcrumbs updates itself to your relative location. You can also use the keyboard to navigate Breadcrumbs.

komodo projects

Komodo – Projects

A basic introduction to Komodo Projects. Note that this does not cover all aspects of Komodo Projects, it's only meant to introduce you to them.

youtube thumbnail komodo multiple selections

Komodo – Multiple Selections

You can now define multiple selections. As you edit one of your selected locations, every other location you have selected will reflect your edits. You can quickly add selections using CTRL (or Command)+D.

komodo collab

Komodo IDE/Edit – Code Collaboration

Collaboration includes many of the main editors features including but not limited to Track Changes and Syntax Highlighting.