Breaking Cybersecurity Bad Habits: A DevOps Perspective

Webinar - Breaking Cybersecurity Bad Habits

We avoid thinking about the consequences of our bad habits, especially when it comes to cybersecurity, where software teams tend to externalize the security risks to customers. But as new SEC rules and US government litigation shows, it’s time to break with the status quo if we want to continue relying on open source while avoiding legal and financial disaster (better not call Saul).

In this webinar, we’ll talk with a former DevOps leader at a large Wall Street banking firm to spill the beans on their security bad habits, and how they could benefit from an easier, scalable and more cost-effective path to software innovation.

Get the score on the latest industry requirements, with an insider view of the open source vices of enterprises, including:

  • The “carrot and stick” approach the US government is adopting to force software vendors to take cybersecurity seriously
  • Starting new projects with unsecure codebases, and how to avoid it
  • Working with outdated codebases, and how to reduce the cost of tech debt
  • How to create reproducible environments across your entire team, no matter which OS they work with
  • Securing your open source supply chain by building dependencies from source without the pain – technical demo and Q&A

Whether you’re in financial services, government or other regulated industries, learn how to kick your open source security bad habits and kick some butt in 2024 from a DevOps practitioner’s perspective!

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Pablo Bleck - Activestate
Pablo Bleck, Team Lead, Tools & Infrastructure

Pablo is a technical leader in integration, architecture, security, relational databases and software development. He’s led DevOps at firms ranging from eco-sustainability to e-payments and global financial services with an aim to modernize apps for the cloud world.

profile photo of Dana Crane
Dana Crane, Product Marketing Manager, ActiveState

With 25+ years in the software industry, Dana has both crossed and fallen into the chasm as a Product Marketer and Product Manager. When not playing basketball or writing blogs, his time is split between making products easier to use and easier to understand.

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