Webinar: Keeping Software Devs Happy by Automating Open Source Pains

Webinar - Retaining Your Software Developer

Webinar: Keeping Software Devs Happy by Automating Open Source Pains

Enterprise software developers have been leaving in droves as part of the Great Resignation, demoralized by increased workloads and repetitive tasks. For managers, this means finding ways to automate the pain of managing open source environments, so your teams can focus on what they love to do best – coding.

After all, setting up consistent, reproducible runtime environments for Python, Perl, etc. is a full-time effort, requiring developers to continuously build and update dependencies and troubleshoot issues while adhering to security and license compliance policies.

In this webinar for Dev and DevOps leaders, we discuss how to automate the open source environment burden, thereby maximizing the happiness of your development teams and freeing them to focus on value-add activities like getting new features out the door.

Topics include:

  • How to take the time, hassle, and risk out of open source development projects
  • How to maximize the reliability of your open source builds without adding time or costs
  • The pros and cons of “self-vendoring”
  • How managed distributions can help eliminate the “cons” of self-vendoring
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Who Should Watch: Software/Application Development Managers and Team Leads who want to retain – rather than retrain – valuable developers, and focus on value-add activities.
Presented by ActiveState Experts:

Loreli Cadapan, VP of Product
Shane Warden, Director of Engineering

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