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Webinar - Outsourcing Your Open Source Pains

Outsourcing Open Source Pains: Delivering Business Value With Minimized Risk

Organizations should be focusing on delivering business value, not maintaining open source security and upgrades. Learn how outsourcing can automatically keep you up-to-date, reclaim dev ...
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leverage power python procesing big data webinar
How to Leverage the Power of Python for Processing Big Data
The Python programming language is easy to learn and offers powerful features for working with large data sets that can greatly improve engineer and...
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python programmers lingua franca webinar
Python: The Programmer’s Lingua Franca
There are thousands of programming languages, but even if your organization works in one of the more popular languages, it's likely you will...
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take quality products to market faster with enterprise ready dynamic languages
Take Quality Products to Market Faster with Enterprise-Ready Dynamic Languages
Open source programming languages such as Perl and Python have the highest instance of open source use in an organization at 57% according to a...
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