Workshop: Fundamentals for Improving Python Productivity and Security

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Workshop: Fundamentals for Improving Python Productivity and Security

Learn how Python developers, from individuals to Fortune 500 employees, can simplify dependency management, vulnerability remediation and building packages from source code in this hands-on workshop.

Live Workshop took place on September 16, 2021: 10.00am Pacific Time

As a Python developer or DevSecOps professional, learn how to reduce the manual work of building and deploying Python runtimes, as well as ensuring end-to-end supply chain security from importing packages to executing code.

We’ll walk through a fun open source Python project (ie. data science or ML-related) and use the ActiveState Platform to build, deploy and secure the runtime across your team. We invite you to bring your team, your terminals, and your questions!

The workshop will walk through the following:

  • Package management: Set up a virtual Python environment and add all required packages with dependency conflicts automatically resolved or flagged.
  • Reproducibility: Use the CLI tool as a universal package manager to “replace the Read Me” by setting up and deploying environments in a consistent, reproducible way.
  • Security: Out-of-the-box supply chain security including vetted packages, identifying and resolving vulnerabilities and ensuring provenance.
  • API: Get direct access to detailed package and language information, including source code, vulnerabilities and dependencies.

Who is this for

  • Folks in DevSecOps roles
  • Python developers who wish to improve efficiency and ensure security of Python throughout the software development process.

This workshop is for Windows and Linux users only.


Linux or Windows machine with an open internet connection. We encourage you to create a free Platform account prior to the workshop.

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