How SLSA Fires Up Your Software Supply Chain Security: Real World Examples

Software supply chain security has become a hot topic as of late, as attackers have found ways to exploit multiple soft spots in the development process, from source to build to external dependencies deployment. But while many tools exist to address stage-specific or downstream threats, they mostly start beyond source and build, which is where supply chain attacks often occur.

To answer this, the Supply-chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA) has emerged as a cross-industry framework, setting out requirements for increasing levels of security. So how does one begin to implement SLSA with actionable advice and concrete examples? Glad you asked!

This webinar aims to make SLSA a practical reality for your organization, so that you can implement security guarantees for every stage in your development pipeline.

Join our SLSA experts as they discuss:

  • SLSA Levels – Is your level mild, medium or hot?
  • The landscape of solutions, ranging from design to container and open source components
  • Examples of organizations adopting SLSA
  • The SLSA roadmap, with v1.0 focusing on the “build” track and Level 3 attainment

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