Walking Dead Past Python EOL

Webinar - Walking Dead Past Python EOL

Despite our best efforts, the dead of open source languages still walk among us. With Red Hat being the last vendor to drop Python 2 support, many organizations will be left like so many others have, maintaining “zombie” applications long past End of Life (EOL).

Are you still stuck living with zombie apps? Codebases are almost never updated after they’re deployed, since resources are better spent developing new features – not to mention the risk of breaking an application that still works. Yet the longer you wait, the more vulnerable and broken your codebase gets, and the more painful it is to upgrade.

Get out of Zombieland once and for all. This webinar will address what you can do about your apps running on past-EOL languages, and how to avoid winding up in the same place, by getting current and staying current with the latest and safest versions.

We cover:

  • Inherited a zombie app? Not knowing where EOL software is deployed, and other common challenges
  • Why not upgrade? Reasons companies choose to maintain legacy software
  • Why upgrade now: The costs of waiting too long
  • What you can do: Maintaining vs. upgrading, with lessons from our customers
  • Demo: Getting and staying current, with observability and consistent environments deployed organization-wide

Fight back against the walking dead of legacy applications. Eliminate your tech debt, stop racing against EOL dates and focus on delivering business value.

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Crystal Bruzzese
Crystal Bruzzese, License Compliance Manager, ActiveState

Crystal has a passion for providing excellent customer service and ensuring client needs are exceeded. As a software license compliance leader, she was formerly Global Director of Technical Licensing, Tools, and Methodologies at Micro Focus. Crystal has an affection for learning and growing, with an Executive MBA and Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.

Evan Smith
Evan Smith, Director, Product and Customer Success, ActiveState

Evan is a product manager with a wide range of industry experience including security, commerce, energy, and application development. At ActiveState, Evan oversees expansion of the Enterprise platform.

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