Last Updated: October 26, 2022

Workshop: ActiveState Platform Key Features – SBOM

The ActiveState Platform provides more than just an easy way to install Python, Perl, Ruby and other open source language runtimes.  Watch this 30-min workshop to learn about generating a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) via the ActiveState APIs.  We cover:

  • Understand what a Software Bill of Materials is and why it is important for cybersecurity
  • Create a lightweight JSON SBOM of your runtime and packages, or an SPDX format that meets the US government guidelines
  • Use the SBOM to understand all of the open source dependencies you have
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Workshop Presenter:

jeff profile

Jeff Rouse, Senior Product Strategist

Jeff is passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, and building great products. With over 20 years’ of experience in the IT industry, from startups to publicly traded technology firms, Jeff has led development teams and business operations, created products, and taken them to market. At ActiveState, Jeff oversees product strategy and innovation across all product lines.

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