Unlocking Code Security and Compliance: ActiveState Shakes Up the SCA Game!

It is crucial to the software development life cycle to ensure code security, license compliance, and manage risk.


ActiveState’s platform offers a diverse assessment of open source components that make up most modern applications, making it essential in helping development and security teams identify approved components suitable for integration with application code.

The platform generates a manifest of all the open-source components, lists the licenses of each component, and identifies possible security vulnerabilities, which can help mitigate the risk of IP lawsuits, support, and maintenance risks.

Don’t Let Open Source Components Be Your Achilles’ Heel: Understanding the Risks of Security & Compliance


Do you know what’s hiding in plain sight in your open-source components? Many software developers and organizations unknowingly use open-source components that contain vulnerabilities or compliance risks.

Traditional SCA tools provide top-level visibility only, leaving potential security risks undiscovered independent components. Accessing a reliable and comprehensive SCA tool can make the difference between healthy software and a vulnerable one.

Don’t let Hackers Crash Your Party: Securely Ship Software with ActiveState

Our platform allows you to securely integrate open source into your software development processes, ensuring that you can confidently ship secure software faster.

By gaining vulnerability visibility at all dependency levels, you can rest assured that you’re not leaving any proverbial unlocked doors for potential data breaches. With ActiveState, you can be sure that your software will not only be secure but also compliant with all legal regulations.

Don’t risk throwing a party and having hackers crash it – secure your software with ActiveState’s platform and let us help you ship with confidence.

Experience the ActiveState Advantage, secure your supply chain with us.

Ready to make a plan to secure your supply chain? Want to know where your developers are getting their open source code? Need to know what licenses and common vulnerabilities are inherent to your software?

Let our team of experts get you the answers you need.

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