ActiveState Artifact Repository

ActiveState Artifact Repository

The Secure Alternative to PyPI

Prebuilt Python artifacts can pose a security risk.
Get the only artifact repository that automatically builds secure Python artifacts from source code.

Distribution of secure Python packages
Seamless Distribution of Secure Python Artifacts

Make securely-built Python artifacts (wheels) available for use by software development processes, systems and end users.

The ActiveState Artifact Repository securely builds binary Python dependencies via ActiveState’s secure build service and stores them directly in a private repository customized for each customer. ActiveState’s secure build service supports the highest level of security and integrity controls defined in the Supply Chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA) framework, dramatically reducing the risk of working with prebuilt Python dependencies.

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Reduce Risks & Costs in Your Python Supply Chain

The Python Package Index (PyPI) offers no guarantees regarding the security and integrity of the prebuilt packages they provide. Instead of proxying PyPI, the ActiveState Artifact Repository only contains Python packages that have been securely built for Windows, Mac and Linux, and vetted by the organization’s security team.

The ActiveState Platform’s cloud-based, multi-OS, secure build service helps reduce the costs of creating, maintaining and auditing multiple build systems, one for each OS your developers and deployment systems require.

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PyPI Python Security
Repository provides walled garden
Developers Using Unapproved Libraries?

No more. The ActiveState Artifact Repository provides a walled garden that ensures developers work only with approved Python packages.

When developers require new libraries, shorten the approval process by leveraging the ActiveState Platform’s centralized curated catalog of Python packages where all stakeholders – including security, compliance and development leads – can leverage the included metadata to quickly evaluate new requirements and automatically build and make them available for use via the ActiveState Artifact Repository, dramatically shortening the approval and availability processes.

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Painless Python Wheel Maintenance

Once a codebase has been created, it’s almost never updated for fear of breaking the build. But unupdated codebases increase security and performance/stability risks as unresolved vulnerabilities and bugs accumulate.

ActiveState can maintain the Python dependencies your application requires on your behalf, allowing you to recover lost time and resources previously spent managing and maintaining dependencies.

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Reduce the Risk of using Python Wheels or PyPI Proxies

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