Secure your legacy with our EoL support

Is your organization still relying on software that's past its end-of-life date?

Ignoring the inevitable risks puts your business in a vulnerable position. ActiveState is here to offer a lifeline with our Beyond End-of-Life Open Source Support.

The risks of unsupported software

Unsupported software isn’t just a ticking time bomb; it’s a security breach waiting to happen. The longer you postpone the transition, the more susceptible you become to security threats, compliance issues, and operational headaches. Don’t let your critical business operations hang in the balance.

ActiveState's extended support solution

With our Beyond End-of-Life Support, we provide:

  • Backported Patches: Stay protected with patches that address vulnerabilities in outdated software.
  • Expertise for Modernization: Our team offers the knowledge and skills to bring your open source requirements up to date.
Overcoming the challenges

If concerns about security vulnerabilities and compliance risks are holding you back, and you can’t afford to update or shift your critical systems, we have a solution.

Your alternative: reduce exposure, plan, transition

Reduce exposure

Shield your organization from risks with our extended support.

Plan your transition

Strategize your move to a modern platform without disrupting critical operations.

Transition at your pace

Choose a transition timeline that aligns with your risk tolerance.

Safeguard your future

Don’t let legacy software vulnerabilities linger in the shadows. Our reports provide insights into the end-of-life status of your languages, empowering you to make informed decisions about the future of your systems.

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