Open Source Licensing Risk Management

Open Source Licensing Risk Management

Using open source software in enterprise applications can be risky. Without quality assurance or on-call technical support, those applications are more likely to malfunction and cost you invaluable time. That could also mean lost revenue, disappointed customers, and a tarnished reputation. Even worse, licensing open source components improperly can result in costly and embarrassing legal battles.

That’s why companies like Cisco, HP, Bank of America and NASA trust ActiveState’s solutions for Perl, Python and Tcl.

Avoid Business Meltdowns

More and more developers are using Perl, Python and Tcl to power applications that run critical processes. This code is the core or the glue of your mission-critical and business-critical applications.

ActiveState Enterprise and Business solutions provide enterprise-ready programming language solutions and commercial-grade technical support for businesses that need fail-safe Perl, Python and Tcl. Because if the core or the glue of your systems are down, that could cost your business in lost revenue and a damaged reputation.

Trust ActiveState’s guaranteed technical support, regular fixes, and best practices guidance to ensure you’re using the most secure, high-performance language distributions in your applications. Plus, development teams have saved days—even months—of developer time by eliminating the time it takes to build, test and maintain their own language distributions.

Eliminate Legal Exposure

If you distribute or deploy products with improperly licensed open source components, you could inadvertently find yourself in a costly and embarrassing copyright lawsuit.

ActiveState OEM solutions protect your organization from potential legal action with commercial licensing for bundling or embedding Perl, Python or Tcl with your products. With turn-key redistribution rights, you’ll be able to guarantee compliance with open source licensing to your customers. Benefit from the assurance and peace of mind that comes with ActiveState’s indemnification coverage which guarantees that your organization and intellectual property are safe.

Faster Development

Developing with dynamic languages can be easy, efficient and risk-free. Our commercial-grade builds are designed to make it easy for your staff to focus on what they do best and leverage pre-compiled, tested languages. ActiveState Enterprise Edition and Business Edition ensure priority access to core Perl, Python and Tcl developers for best practices guidance, technical support, and regular fixes. You’ll benefit from time-saving advice on module usage, assistance with troubleshooting code problems, or resolving leaks to ensure maximum performance of your applications and best use of your team’s time.

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