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Automated Vulnerability Remediation

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Vetted, Indemnified Source Code

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Secure & Reproducible Builds

Vulnerability Remediation

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For Windows, Linux & macOS machines

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Attackers have shifted their focus to infiltrating development environments. It’s no longer good enough to address software vulnerabilities. Organizations MUST secure their software development processes, as well.

That’s where the ActiveState Platform comes in!

The ActiveState Platform is a turnkey supply chain security solution that ensures the integrity and security of your ENTIRE software development processes.

  • Secure the import process – where third-party code enters the enterprise
  • Secure the build process – where code is built and/or packaged
  • Secure the run process – where components and software are used
vetted secure and signed packages

Think of it like a Python package management ecosystem that’s far more secure than pip/PyPI – so you can shift security left, without disruption.

When you create and manage your Python environments with the ActiveState Platform, you can be assured that you’re working with up-to-date Python packages automatically built securely from source code for Windows, Linux & macOS.

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Verified, Indemnified Packages

Working with Python packages built from source code by ActiveState is far more secure than installing pre-built packages, which may contain malicious code. Using only indemnified and verified packages from ActiveState can also help eliminate the threat of typosquatted and/or poorly maintained packages in your organization.

Automated Vulnerability Remediation

Our vulnerability remediation features make it as easy as pointing and clicking to FIND & FIX vulnerabilities in your Python environments, and then automatically rebuild your secure environment ready for testing. rather than going through the typical lengthy process of investigation, patching, rebuilding, retesting, and redeploying the fixed code, which can take anywhere from days to months.

Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM)

The ActiveState Platform provides a BOM view for all your Python components, including packages and dependencies (as well as dependencies of dependencies), OS-level dependencies and versions. Patching one vulnerability can have a cascading effect on others, which is why our BOM view also highlights all changes before you commit to them, ensuring you understand the ramifications.

Verifiably Reproducible Builds

ActiveState’s secure build service ensures that not only do the same bits input produce the same bits output every time, but the output packages can be verified as containing only code that came from the original source. By using isolated, ephemeral and hermetically sealed containers, ActiveState’s secure build service ensures the packages you work with aren’t compromised.

Trusted By Industry Leaders

“Along with BOM (Bill of Materials) management, ActiveState satisfied the internal needs of both engineering and DevOps. We gain speed, flexibility and engineering time, plus can better manage the risk of products running Python with a uniform and consistent approach.”

Raj Behera

Raj Behera
Vice President Research and Development
MSC Software / Hexagon

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