Improve Your Software Supply Chain Security

with our latest software security resources and the ActiveState Platform

Your applications can be compromised by open source supply chain attacks. The ActiveState Platform integrates with your existing development workflow and provides secure, prebuilt Python, Perl and Tcl environments for your team. Learn how to implement the proper controls to ensure the security and integrity of your code with the ActiveState Platform using our data sheets, blogs, and white papers – perfect for CISOs, InfoSec Managers, Dev, and R&D Managers, as well as developers!

InfoSec Leader’s Guide to Fixing the Software Supply Chain

his guide can help AppSec and InfoSec leaders investigate the current state of their development processes, understand the threats at each stage, and create a plan to improve their open source supply chain security. Read Whitepaper.

Securely Populate Artifactory

Start coding securely by ensuring the opens source artifacts in your JFrog Artifactory instance have been built securely in the first place. Read Blog.

Secure PyPI

Still trusting open source language repositories that offer no security guarantees? Learn how to secure the Python packages you import. Read Blog.

python 2 in supply chain

Python 2 code in dev and test environments poses an undue risk in the face of escalating supply chain attacks. Python 2 threat demands action. Read Blog.

Security Survey Results

Understand how your security implementation stacks up against your peers, and how you can decrease software supply chain security risk. Read Blog.

Shift Left the Right Way

It’s no longer a question of whether you’ll be affected by a software supply chain attack, but when and how badly. Shift left the right way. Read Blog.

security survey report cover

Nearly 1500 software professionals shared with us how secure their use of open source is. We’ve crunched the numbers and pulled out what should matter to organizations in 2022. Read the report.

Executive Order: Secure the Open Source Supply Chain

How does President Biden’s executive order for tightened open source security requirements affect you? Read Blog

Establishing Software Supply Chain Trust - Business Leader's Guide

This white paper provides leaders with the knowledge they need to manage software supply chain risks, whether they are buying or creating. Access Whitepaper

improve security with a bill of materials

A Bill of Materials (BOM) gives you a comprehensive view of your open source dependencies, and disclosed vulnerabilities. Download Datasheet

secure and derisk open source

Dozens of new open source vulnerabilities are published each day. Here’s how you can better manage, secure and de-risk your open source supply chains. Download Datasheet

datasheet python build service

The ActiveState Platform can be used to import source code vetted for licensing and maintainability, and to securely build Python packages. Download datasheet

ciso guide supply chain security

A checklist of controls that can help evaluate whether your vendors’ and/or your own software supply chain can be trusted. Download Datasheet

find and fix vulnerability python

Use the ActiveState Platform to find and quickly remediate vulnerabilities in your Python runtime environment. Watch Demo Video

find and fix vulnerability perl

Use the ActiveState Platform to remediate and automatically rebuild vulnerable Perl environments. Watch Demo Video

ActiveState Platform: How to view vulnerabilities?

Use the ActiveState Platform to easily identify vulnerabilities in your open source language environments. Watch Demo Video

Sep 16 Workshop Watch Now Cover

Python developers can simplify dependency management, vulnerability remediation and building packages from source code. Watch Python Workshop

devsecops overview cover

 Learn how you can shift security left without disrupting your Dev, DevOps and SecOps personnel with the ActiveState Platform. Download Datasheet

Software Supply Chain Attack

Learn what a software supply chain attack is, the different types that you may be up against and how to mitigate them. Read Blog

software security checklist

This blog provides you with a checklist of controls that will help harden your software supply chain. Get Checklist

open source supply chain

The ActiveState Platform provides provenance, verifiably reproducible builds, and signed packages to help secure your software development process. Learn More

download datasheet vulnerability remidiation

Address both Mean Time To Detection (MTTD) and Mean Time To Remediation (MTTR) for vulnerabilities in your Python, Perl and Tcl projects. Download Datasheet

SolarWinds Cautionary Tale

The SolarWinds mega-hack achieved mainstream notoriety in 2020. How you can avoid being in the news for all the wrong reasons? Read Blog

supply chain security european union

How do European Union’s revised software supply chain security guidelines can potentially affect your business? Read Blog

Working with vulnerable python packages blog cover

Sometimes you have no choice but to work with a vulnerable Python package. How can you manage the risks, while staying secure? Read Blog.

IoT Security

Securing IoT devices means securing their network, supply chain, and automating vulnerability remediation. Read how to do it.

pypi security supply chain

PyPI is improving Python supply chain security, but gaps still exist. Learn the tools and techniques to avoid Python’s security pitfalls. Read Blog.

Healthcare software supply chain

As medical processes continue to become digitalized, here’s how healthcare leaders and their solution vendors can protect their software supply chain. Access Datasheet.

frontline of attack webinar on demand website image

Learn how attacks on open source supply chains impact your organization, and how you can secure your Python, Perl and Tcl environments accordingly. Watch Now.