Safeguard your Open Source Environment against Supply Chain attacks.

One in five developers have no visibility into where their open source packages are obtained.

Open source package use is ubiquitous in Enterprise applications.

Beyond debugging there is often additional levels of review to ensure the sources of these packages are trusted or even that the artifacts are genuine from the source.

Supply Chain vulnerabilities occur when the original software is tampered with and redistributed as the genuine article.

Altered code goes unnoticed in key systems and performs actions that initially may seem benign, but have significant repercussions when left unchecked.

Other vendors redistribute pre-bundled binaries.

They cannot provide details on how these bundled were made or where the source code originated, because that level of details is not included in their build process.

By acquiring your software artifacts from a trusted vendor of open source, you eliminate the risk of getting packages from unknown sources on the internet.

Knowing the provenance of the source code, and the build process of their artifacts you can ensure the code is exactly what you expect it to be.

ActiveState can supply trusted distributions for you development environment.

By setting policies to only use trusted ActiveState artifacts you limit the risk of CVEs and Licence exemptions, as well as nearly eliminating supply chain attacks.

We build from source.

That means we get source code directly from the authors and build it in a hermetic build system.

Build Securely with ActiveState: Trusted Distributions for Your Development Environment


ActiveState offers trusted distributions tailored for your development environment, minimizing security risks associated with CVEs, license exemptions, and supply chain attacks. Our commitment to building from source ensures direct access to authentic code, providing a hermetic build system for enhanced security.

Building Securely from Source for Your Development Needs

ActiveState provides trusted distributions for your development environment, mitigating security risks such as CVEs, license exemptions, and supply chain attacks by building directly from source.

Navigating Securely: ActiveState’s Commitment to Open Source Solutions

ActiveState is dedicated to supporting the open source community while mitigating security vulnerabilities in software development. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of your ecosystem, ensuring the integrity of your open source licenses and the cybersecurity of your workflows.

Safeguarding Your Development Journey in the Open Source Ecosystem

ActiveState prioritizes security within the open source community, providing tailored solutions to mitigate vulnerabilities in software development workflows and ensure the seamless use of open source licenses. ActiveState is committed to fortifying your open source journey by addressing security threats, leveraging powerful security tools, and ensuring the integrity of open source components. Our focus on open source software security guarantees the reliability of your development process.

The ActiveState Approach to Supply chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA)

Want to know how we do it?

Read how ActiveState builds artifacts from source in this whitepaper.

Don’t become the next headline, secure your supply chain with us.

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