1. With a virtual appliance model, there's an expectation that that the licensing is looked after and that's what ActivePerl OEM provides.
    Lou Steinberg, CEO, Rev2 Networks
  2. Once the decision in favor of ActivePerl was made, it took only a few months to create the communications center for all the platforms iLinc required.
    Ethan Abrams, Vice President of Product Development, iLinc
  3. ActivePerl for ProDiscover has been a success, with high customer acceptance and a flourishing third-party market for specialized scripting.
    Chris Brown, CTO, Technology Pathways
  4. The ActivePerl code is solid and the quality is extremely high. We're a very happy ActiveState customer.
    Mark Krieger, VP of Product Development, Numara Software
  5. Since the beginning we've been satisfied with the results, and have found ActivePerl to be robust and reliable ever since.
    Scott Baxter, Director of Software Development, Finisar
  6. ActiveState has provided us with virtually all of our Perl development needs.
    Marc Bilodeau, CTO, Plixer
  7. ActivePerl is meeting, if not beating our expectations.
    Ron Dovich, Vice President of Engineering, AlterPoint
  8. We estimate that the [ActivePerl OEM license] saves us about 50K Euro per year on support and possible missed deals.
    Walter Verhoeven, Creative Associates
  9. Not only is it reliable, scalable and enterprise-ready, ActivePerl saves CA development time and dollars.
    Lawrence Backman, Vice President, CA
  10. We're enthusiastic about working with ActiveState. Your proficiency in open source programming software is a good fit with our expertise in software configuration management tools. Perl's flexibility and excellence as a scripting solution on multiple platforms made it the ideal choice for embedding into [our software].
    Sandy Wilbourn, VP and General Manager, IBM