1. I downloaded ActiveState ActivePerl and I haven't looked back since. Simply brilliant! At the moment I use it mostly to check, or remove unwanted pages from, and postscript print files.
    Tim Armstrong, Zurich UK Account

ActivePerlPro Studio

  1. I definitely want to renew my ActivePerl Pro Studio subscription. This is money well spent. The ActiveState tools have been indispensable in my applications.
    Mark E. Hail, President , Novatia, LLC
  2. I have worked in the IT field for 16 years and ActivePerl Pro Studio is the best source of information and development tools available today. ActivePerl Pro Studio has been instrumental in helping keep my skills up so I can stay competitive. Great job ActiveState, keep up the outstanding work.
    Shawn Leard, Perl programmer
  3. Thank you for your excellent product, ActivePerl Pro Studio. It's really enjoyable to use.
    Victor Schmehl, Electrical Engineer , Naval Surface Warfare Center
  4. I've been hooked on the tools in ActivePerl Pro Studio for a couple years, using Komodo IDE to develop financial information processing systems and to wrangle ugly chunks of code. The ASPN website was already a great source of information, and Safari Bookshelf makes it even more valuable, saving me money and hassle. The powerful search capabilities and integration with the ASPN site are a huge...
    Eric Gjerde, IT Manager , Northland Securities, Inc.
  5. I am really enjoying my subscription! The reasonable subscription prices help a lot of professionals like me grab all the knowledge that is out there and make us more productive to the organizations we serve!
    Lance Quadros, Manager , Databases and UNIX Systems
  6. We use Komodo IDE and the Perl Dev Kit to build our internal systems. They save us an amazing amount of time and effort.
    Jonathan Eunice, Founder and Principal IT Advisor , Illuminata
  7. ActiveState has TERRIFIC customer technical support! I've been in the IT business since 1975 and I can honestly say this was one of the best, if not THE best, support experience I've had.
    Bill Flynn, Senior Programmer , IT Resources, LLC


  1. ActivePython is the solution. Python has long had the Py2Exe module available, and ActivePython comes with a set of nice tools to help you develop, test, and deploy your Python project, be it as a script, zip, or .exe file.
    Nate Dickson, Coals [2] Newcastle


  1. Diverting engineers to Tcl instead of working on new features and customizations is a big opportunity cost. Not having to expend resources on ActiveTcl means savings over the years.
    Paul Bradley, CTO, DAFCA