1. I'm delighted to see ActiveState fill the void in corporate support for Tcl.
    John Ousterhout, Creator of Tcl
  2. Tcl has proven to be the best scripting language for our automated testing environment for over a decade now. The number of Tcl users within our organization has grown from a few engineers to over thousands. ActiveState has successfully managed to fill in the spot of providing Tcl support where Scriptics/Ajuba left off. With a response time of less than an hour, no matter what time of the day or...
    Hemang Lavana Software Engineer, Cisco

ActiveTclPro Studio

  1. The Tcl Dev Kit is excellent. In a mostly-J2EE shop, the presence of Tcl can't be denied (even if it isn't advertised), providing both important infrastructure in custom CVS server scripts and application server admin tools, everyday tools to support development, and a reliable "go-to" set of capabilities to quickly solve nasty problems that system-level languages complicate unnecesarily. The kit...
    George Schlitz, Configuration Management Senior Consultant, State Street Global Markets

Komodo Edit

  1. It's absolutely fantastic to work with. It does everything a good editor should do, but it also adds a bunch of other little awesome things.
    Dan Hulton, www.danhulton.com
  2. I just want to say how fabulous this product is - every time I think of something I need it has it... Good stuff!
    Lee Cave-Berry

Komodo IDE

  1. After much frustration with other Python IDEs, I downloaded and tried the 21 day trial of Komodo IDE. What a difference!  I will be buying Komodo. Komodo is faster, has a much better interface, and is far more intuitive than the alternatives.
    Dave Mishler, MEDRAD.com
  2. As a passionate PHP developer, and having used competitor products extensively, I appreciate Komodo IDE every day. The improvement it and its add-ons have made to my productivity literally paid for the license cost in the first month.
    Marc Gray, Lamped.co.uk
  3. I love Komodo! I have been using it for over two years, and upgrade every time a new version is available. Komodo has always been very useful for me, but I also appreciate the new features and enhancements. Thanks.
    Michael Green
  4. I love Komodo. I spend about seven hours a day on it, and I think it's great. I use it for Perl, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, Python, PHP, C/C++, SQL and Java. I even use it just to write plaintext files.
    Dave Rankin, President, Surf This! Web Design, Inc
  5. Great product, excellent service turnaround times. Komodo is my new IDE of choice!
    Tyler Bye, Senior Software Engineer and Fellow, Protoven