Komodo IDE

  1. Komodo has been a lifesaver. I've never been a big IDE user but now I understand why a good IDE and a debugger are so important.
    John E. Vincent, Network Administrator
  2. Komodo is a great product. My favourite feature is the regex generator/tester. It's saved me heaps of time and aggravation when coming up with complicated regular expressions to get through weblogs and the like.
    Ben Maddock, Web Administrator (UniSAnet), Flexible Learning Centre, University of South Australia
  3. Komodo has saved us a lot of time with its interactive debugging feature for Perl.
    Gene Daniel, Savannah River National Laboratory, WSRC
  4. Komodo is a world-class IDE. It makes software engineers out of hackers.
    Robert M. Craver II, Software Engineer, NOAA's National Ocean Service
  5. I use Perl constantly, and have to say that not only is Komodo the best editor I have ever used for Perl scripts, it's the best editor I've used for any language.
    Dr. Ed Chester, Flight Operations Specialist, National Space Centre, UK
  6. Komodo doesn't just act as an IDE for Python but is also a very accomplished Perl, PHP, and Tcl IDE providing all the standard features like code highlighting and folding along with code completion. The Rx Toolkit is so advanced it could quite easily be a mini standalone app as it provides not only matching of text and highlighting but also shows the data that would appear in the various group...
    Doug Bromley, Straw Dogs
  7. I am a Mac addict, and on Mac OS X, I code with Komodo. I love Komodo's clean, integrated UI, the compact and usable project navigation bar, the ability to see code structure, and support for CVS and Subversion, and I was able to create a macro five minutes after installation! I am delighted with the capabilities. Komodo is the best IDE for scripting languages.
    Irakli Nadareishvili, Senior Software Architect, Picktek
  8. I really dig Komodo's toolbox; it's the coolest thing. It's great to have an editor that you can just extend like that, and share your extensions with the team - quickly, without having to write full-on plugins.
    Jerrett Taylor, Director of Software Development, Bravenet Web Services
  9. Kudos for adding XML catalogs to Komodo 4.0. I am really impressed!
    Bryan Rieger, Yiibu
  10. Komodo IDE 4.0 is the Swiss army knife of scripting languages and web development. With the addition of integrated JavaScript debugging, HTML/XML/CSS auto-completion, an integrated HTTP protocol inspector, an integrated DOM inspector, and a handful of other nifty tools, it's quite possibly the coolest thing to happen to scripting languages since, well, ever.
    Issac Goldstand, Founder Mirimar Networks