Komodo IDE

  1. We use Komodo IDE and the Perl Dev Kit to build our internal systems. They save us an amazing amount of time and effort.
    Jonathan Eunice, Founder and Principal IT Advisor Illuminata
  2. If you work in any of the languages Komodo supports, you owe it to yourself to examine it (for free). If you work in any two of them, you probably should just buy it.
    Andrew Binstock, Binstock on Software
  3. If you're in need of an IDE that can flexibly bridge multiple languages, support distributed teams with ease, and ultimately improve code quality and streamline development cycles, you'll want to take a close look at Komodo 5. An extremely flexible licensing scheme, allowing developers to run Komodo concurrently on all supported platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) from a single license, only...
  4. We started using Komodo for our hundreds of thousands of Perl code lines. We love the fact that with Komodo IDE 4.1 we can also use it for Ruby.
    Balázs Nagy, Chief Architect, TheNewPush, LLC
  5. So you're a Web application developer? Developing in Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby or JavaScript? Are you a Linux, Mac or Windows user? No matter what your choices are, the answer is ActiveState's Komodo IDE 4.0, an impressive cross-platform and cross-language environment for building Web applications. And oh yeah, it's a really great tool that makes working in all these languages a breeze.
  6. I'd rather use Komodo than other IDEs. Komodo is easier to use and easier to configure and works the way I want it. Python support is great.
    Greg Moore
  7. I've been a Komodo customer for almost five years, and couldn't imagine using another editor for my work with dynamic languages. Komodo IDE syntax highlights and auto-completes my Perl, Ruby, XML, SQL, HTML and CSS, allowing my team to write better code more quickly than we ever have. Version 4.1 added Ruby on Rails support that went beyond my expectations, including the ability to create...
    Chris Gerber, Pfizer Global Manufacturing
  8. Suffice to say with Komodo I got local and remote debugging up and running within just a couple hours, and it's been a total dream to use.
    Caleb Gilbert, highervisibilitywebsites.com
  9. Komodo is intuitive, responsive, and full featured. In the 20 years that I've been developing software, this is one of the best IDEs I've ever used.
    Bryan Aamot, Brainware
  10. I'm a long time user of the Komodo IDE from ActiveState, and it kindly shows you the comment immediately preceding a function you type, in a tooltip as you provide parameters. Being able to see what parameters your method is expecting, what it returns, and any gotchas about using it without opening the file containing the class, saves a lot of time during development. Those kinds of comments I...
    John Locke, opensourcesmall.biz