Komodo IDE

  1. I appreciate your realistic licensing [for Komodo]—I paid for my own copy and I use it at home on my Linux desktop, on my laptop, and here at my day job.
    Brian Wilson, Alsea Geospatial, Inc.
  2. I just finished up my first major project using Komodo and I cannot believe did not use it earlier! After using Zend Studio and Eclipse to develop LAMP applications, Komodo is hands down the best cross platform development IDE.
    Derek Ellis
  3. Komodo has changed my life.
    Mark Dale, GeniusMoon
  4. The increase in productivity I got from the interactive debugging environment in Komodo IDE probably saved me more than the purchase price within 48 hours. This is a quality product.
    Graeme Robinson, Memex Inc.
  5. Komodo IDE 5 from ActiveState is the most comprehensive code editor and debugger available for enterprise teams that develop applications using a range of dynamic languages.
    James R. Borck, InfoWorld
  6. Multilingual ActiveState Komodo 5 conquers Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby projects with strong debug facilities, excellent code control, and an unbeatable set of utilities.

Perl Dev Kit

  1. Work bought me the PDK. All I can say is wow, is that cool or what. It allows me take perl scripts I design to make administration tasks easier and turn them into executables for use elsewhere without installing perl on the target computer. I can make system tray applications, system services, and standalone executables. I am going to have a lot of fun with this.
    Marzhill Musings, (Blog Posting)
  2. I love the Perl language. It makes seemingly impossible and arduous tasks easy and fun. ActivePerl and the Perl Dev Kit make it even easier. The work that ActiveState is doing is absolutely brilliant. The ease of installation of the distribution, packages and the documentation smooth the way when convincing people that Perl is the right tool for the job. I like to step carefully through code when...
    Gerry Quinlan, Perl Developer
  3. We're adopting Perl as our scripting language of choice because of its crossplatform portability, and PDK's functionality is a god-send. I perform attack and penetration tests on our servers and the smaller footprint of the new PerlApp executables is very important.
    Matt Wagenknecht, Internet Security Engineer, Quantum Corp
  4. GREAT PRODUCT! It saves me a ton of time at work.
    Matt Hicks, IT PSS Systems Management, SAP America, Inc.