Perl Dev Kit

  1. Thanks for a great product.... I've owned all the versions. You folks are doing a marvelous job.
    Jeff Wood, Senior Developer/Solutions Architect, Donobi, Inc.
  2. This is a great product. The Debugger alone is worth the price I paid, not to mention the other great tools.
    Shawn Scott, Network Systems Engineer/Systems Integrator, Broadview Networks Inc.
  3. I've used PDK since the 1.0 release and love the ability to create standalone ActiveX controls. We run most of our automated functions using Perl. I can better manage the distribution of standalone executables on our critical HP-UX servers, while maintaining the core distribution on just one server.
    Dave Warner, Sr. Applications Developer/DBA, Northrop Grumann IT Computing Systems
  4. I love PerlApp. It does just what I've needed for a long time!
    Timothy M. Valdez, UI Branch Campus Webmaster/ITS Web Developer, University of Idaho
  5. Perl Dev Kit is the best - and I do mean best - software I have ever used! It simply compares to nothing else. THANK YOU!!
    Bill Kambouroglou, Network Implementation Design and Programming, IBM
  6. Perl is a great language to get stuff done swiftly and powerfully. ActivePerl and the Perl Dev Kit are stupendous products.
    Roger Voss, Technology Integration Senior Developer, Internet Enrollment Solutions
  7. I installed PDK this morning. Way cool! The perlapp function let me compile a Tk script into a working .exe file. The other thing I notice is the exe files it creates are a lot smaller. I'm sold, never want to lose this one!
    Mike Armitage, Systems Engineer, Verizon
  8. I thought PerlApp allowed for much easier deployment than Java, easier coding than C, and wider support than Delphi.
    Charles Oppenheimer, CEO, Recursive Technology LLC
  9. It was the fine folks at ActiveState with their Perl Dev Kit that really made it possible for us to release on Windows with their PerlApp (for making Perl-based .exe files) and PerlSvc (for making Perl-based Windows Services).
    Dean Blackketter, Slim Devices
  10. Perl is the best, and now that it can create executables for Windows makes the language complete in my opinion.
    Ketema Harris, Technology Consultant, TEMA Web Design & Consulting