Perl Dev Kit

  1. I use Perl Dev Kit from ActiveState to develop my Perl executables. I can't live without it. I combine Perl, Perl Dev Kit and Tk or Win32::GUI to develop VB-like apps, and use PerlTray to develop executables that run as tray applications in MS Windows. It also facilitates the creation of MSI setup modules in Perl as well as the creation of NT services in Perl. Very, very nice. As I said - very...
    Jonathan Hughes, Tech Support Specialist, Goodyear South Africa
  2. We use PDK to provide our customers with critical network management applications written in Perl. With the new dynamically-linked runtime libraries, we can enhance these applications with functionality from key modules - and even provide smaller exes. I highly recommend PDK 7.0 to any Perl developer.
    Mike Gent, Virtual Expanse Innovations
  3. I found PerlApp from Activestate. It's AWESOME. I've compiled binaries for Windows and Linux so far, and it completely ROCKS. It has both a GUI and CLI, and the GUI exact same Look and Feel on Windows and Linux, and it just works.
    Justin Eagleson, Ancillary Buzz
  4. Perl Dev Kit will give you back your weekends.
    Foo Ji-Haw, NexLabs Pte Ltd

Tcl Dev Kit

  1. Tcl Dev Kit is designed for professionals who care about quality. We specialize in developing cross-platform applications, many of which are written in Tcl. TDK simplifies the process at every stage. From creation to delivery, using TDK ensures our customers get high-quality applications that are painless to deploy.
    Steve Landers, Senior Consultant, Digital Smarties
  2. The quality of ActiveState's Tcl Dev Kit really shows. It has a really intuitive user interface.
    Joe Mistachkin, Principal Software Engineer, TclBridge

Support & Services

  1. Thank you for the service you have provided.
    Sandra Meiers Business Analyst, HP
  2. ActiveState's communication, response times and customer support are outstanding compared to other companies. Thanks a lot for the good work.
    Lorenz Pelzer, Siemens