Double Your ActivePerl, Double Your Fun

Goodbye PPM, Hello State Tool

What’s better than an ActivePerl release? Two, of course! We’ve updated both ActivePerl tracks (one for users who have moved to Perl 5.10, the other for folks who rely on Perl 5.8).
ActivePerl has lots of new goodies and loads of new modules—a year’s worth! Waaay too many to list here, so you’d best check out our docs. Or, throw caution to the wind, and just download it and see for yourself!
ActivePerl is a minor update, comparatively, but still some juicy bits worthy of an update to your system. Read the fine print or jump right to it.
Both releases contain the latest PPM 4.3 client, which is a lot faster at updating repository information.
Not bad for a short week’s work, huh?

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