jQuery turns 3! Congrats the jQuery team.

jQuery, that Swiss-army-knife of JavaScript libraries, turned 3 today:


If you’ve been living under a rock for the last 3 years and are wondering,

‘what the frack is jQuery?’, it is some very clever code that we web developers

at ActiveState now use in almost every last corner of our websites,

from the corporate site to Sugar, to tweak, mangle and otherwise beat into

submission the html we are given to work with. jQuery is a god-send ( and I’m

not particularly religious ).

To celebrate this, the jQuery team announced a few interesting tidbits:

  1. jQuery 1.3 final release, with what looks to be some major

    performance and compatibility ehancements.

  2. Their css selector library ‘Sizzle’ is now stand-alone, and can be

    used in non-jQuery contexts. The idea here is that everyone needs css

    selectin’, and so why not collaborate instead of waging some kind of

    selector arms race?

  3. new API browser:



  4. The jQuery Foundation:

    “…the jQuery projects and community immediately realize some important


    1. It allows the current project members to continue to manage the

    projects and maintain ultimate responsibility for the direction of

    current and future efforts.

    2. It allows the projects to be considered a true non-profit efforts

    allowing us to be able to accept donations and contributions without

    incurring tremendous personal financial liability.

    3. The copyright of the code will be assigned to the conservancy thus

    ensuring that no single person will own contributions or assets of the


    4. It will allow corporations to write off time when an employee

    contributes to a project.

    5. Most importantly, it ensures that the jQuery projects will always be

    open and free software.”

I’m already running the nice AIR version of the API browser, and have

added this bug for Todd to update the jQuery API catalog in Komodo 5.1:


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