libpthread: how to get it

Libpthread: How To Get It

On Linux, Komodo requires the standard pthreads library to be installed.  Some distributions have setup options that will omit this library.  This article will briefly describe what threads are, why they’re important to Komodo, and how to install libpthread on the system.
Threads (also called lightweight processes by some) are a way of making a program appear to do two things at once.  For example, one thread running as part of a web browser process might be fetching the page to display, and spawning other threads to fetch the images for the page so that it appears to be happening all at once.
Many modern programs use threads.  Komodo is no exception.  For example, syntax highlighting will use a thread to update the fonts and colours of the text, while still keeping editing responsive.  As such, Komodo requires that libpthread be installed.
If Komodo fails because it cannot find libpthread, it can be installed as follows:

Title image courtesy of Karly Santiago on Unsplash.

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