New Poll Results: Top 2 Reasons Enterprise Developers Use Dynamic Languages

Today we are announcing the results of an informal survey of enterprise software architects and developers that found developers benefit greatly from dynamic languages for two main reasons:

  • Get products to market faster

  • Reduce the cost of development

The poll was conducted on March 10, 2010 during a webinar given by Larry Backman, VP of Quality Assurance, Computer Associates and Jeff Hobbs, Director of Engineering for ActiveState. More than 75 enterprise software developers and architects participated in the poll.

Enterprise Developers Poll Results:

  • There is more pressure to be fast and cheap than good: A much higher percentage of developers feel that the single largest pressure comes from delivering products to market faster (29.4%) or at a reduced cost (23.5%) than from reducing the number of bugs (only 5.8%).
  • Dynamic languages provide faster time-to-market: The vast majority of developers felt speed of development was the most important reason to use a dynamic language such as Perl, Python, Tcl.
  • Not supported or indemnified: The vast majority of users do not have support and indemnification. Developers reported they don’t have support or indemnification (58.8%) or they do not know if they have it (35.2%).

View the full poll results, as well as Larry Backman’s full presentation on how CA benefits from ActiveState’s supported, indemnified, enterprise-ready ActivePerl to accelerate the time-to-market and quality of CA’s enterprise product SiteMinder: Take Quality Products to Market Faster with Enterprise-Ready Dynamic Languages

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